Etsy Shop MakeOver Series: Product Photography with Crystal Zacharias

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Etsy Shop Makeover - Photography Tips by Crystal Zacharias on KatersAcres Blog Build Your Brand Series

Etsy Shop Makeover - Photography Tips by Crystal Zacharias on KatersAcres Blog Build Your Brand Series

I love having guest bloggers come and share their knowledge and skill with you.  Today I introduce my first guest blogger of 2013, Crystal Zacharias of Crystal Gayle Photography.  Crystal is joining us today to talk about product photography, the importance of taking good photos and how to do it like a professional, even when you are not.  It’s my joy to have her join us today!

Etsy Shop Makeover - Photography Tips by Crystal Zacharias on KatersAcres Blog Build Your Brand Series

Not everyone has an easy time with a camera and so photographing product can be a real headache! So, to help make things a little easier, here are a few things that are quite useful when shooting product.

Etsy Shop MakeOver Series - Product Photography with Crystal Zacharias on KatersAcres Blog https://katersacres.coma
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  1. Of course, you’ll need a camera.  You don’t need a fancy camera, just be sure you know how to operate yours.  Read the manual, watch youTube tutorials, and play around with it! The more you use it, the more comfortable you will be come with it.
  2. A tripod.  Mounting your camera on a tripod helps to keep your camera steady and reduce the risk of a blurry photo.
  3. Shutter release.  If your camera is not compatible with a shutter release, use the timer setting on your camera.  This will allow for zero shake on the camera while snapping a photo.
  4. A light box! This allows you to stream in your light through the fabric edges but not have glare on your product. You can build your own light box (which didn’t go well for me and I didn’t like the fact that it didn’t clean up nice and compact). You can also purchase many different types from most photography stores.
  5. Bright lights.  Lights with a rating for daylight are going to give you the most natural lighting in doors, allowing you to shoot your product at any hour of the day (or night) and even on cloudy days.  Play around with your lights against the light box.  Different angles will give different effects on your product.
  6. Simple backgrounds.  Keep your backgrounds in your light box simple and clean. Too busy of a background can distract a potential customer to see the full detail of your product.  If you’re staging products rather than using simple backgrounds, use something that accents your product rather than takes away from it.  Stage your products in a fashion that they may be used.  For example, I’ve shot many glasses rimmed with sugar and salt to show how the product could be used.
  7. Photo editing program. I use Photoshop to touch up minor blemishes, cropping and to get the coloring just right on photos.  There are many inexpensive photo programs, and even free ones like Picasa and Gimp.
  8. Time. Don’t rush yourself.  Take the time to get things set up and do it right!

REMEMBER that your customers can not pick up your product to view them as in a brick and mortar store. Your photos need to be a selling point! Quality photos equal sales!  Personally, when I’m shopping online, photos are a big thing to me. If they aren’t clean, crisp, well list or neat, I will usually browse on. It may sound a bit bias, but how do you REALLY know what the quality of the product is if the photo isn’t quality. If you don’t feel confident in producing quality photos, hire a professional photographer to do this for you.

If you have further questions regarding product photography, or would like to work with me in having your product photographed, please feel free to email me or contact me at Crystal Gayle Photography

Also, check out my album and specials January 24-26 at the female photographers of etsy virtual art show.

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Crystal Gayle Photography on Etsy

Etsy Shop Makeover - Photography Tips by Crystal Zacharias on KatersAcres Blog Build Your Brand Series https://katersacres.comMy most enjoyable hobby has become a business for me. I enjoy photographing almost everything including nature, still life, and children. My photography is based from Altona, Manitoba and surrounding areas. Some of it has been taken in different areas of Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park. Most of my inspiration comes from God’s beautiful planet He’s created. I love that He has given us such miraculous creations in nature that sometimes we fail to see. I also take inspiration from other photographers and their work.

Visit Crystal’s Etsy Shop now

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Stay tuned next week for more important information on building your brand.

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  1. Nice photo info from a groovy photographer. Thanks Katie and Crystal!

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  4. great tips!!! I know I can definitely use this help :o)

  5. Great info sharing this with some friends right now!!

  6. Katie, thank for, as always, providing great business content! I try so hard and have just resigned myself to being photography challenged.

    Crystal, thank you for your tips. I just have to keep practicing, and practicing….

  7. Terrific tips! I’d be curious how to brighten photos without making them washed out. Do you have tips on how to do that? Thanks!

  8. thanks Katie for sharing Crystals tips with us!!

  9. Katie, thanks for having Crystal write this post. She’s helped me a lot with photography tips.

  10. Great information! I wish I had Crystal close by… she does such wonderful work!

    1. I’m just a mailbox away 😉 and thank you!

  11. What a really good article thanks for sharing. You can see Crystal is very good @ what she does and loves doing it!

    1. Thank you Pop Art Portraits! I do love what I do!

  12. Thanks for the hints and reminders. ♥

  13. What a great article, thank Katie and Crystal for sharing. I am always looking for good tips on taking better pictures. Thank you

  14. What a great article on something I know many shop sellers struggle with. I use Adobe Lightroom for all my editing and love it! *Ü*

  15. Thank you for good solid photo information. I’m always working on mine.

  16. Thank you Katie for allowing me to be a guest on your blog. I hope all your readers can benefit from the information!

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