Parker’s Story

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Zombie Parker - 10th Birthday Release from Kater's Acres
Parker - Handmade Polymer Clay Figurine by KatersAcres

Parker’s story begins in a place, not of this world…

Parker lived in the midst of the great clouds of Nimbus, a tiny town tucked high above the clouds beyond the deep blue sky.  It was on the Nimbus Rainbow where Parker and his friends played each day. They would slide along the colored beams that arched over the town, dancing in the light each morning and playing in its rays. The Nimbus rainbow held all their secrets of magical places, knew all the adventures of make-believe that Parker dreamed and kept the town and its children full of life.  Yes, Nimbus was a great place to call home. It’s a place Parker longs to return to…

His adventure started early one morning. The sun was out, chasing the raindrops that dodged and weaved around the bright beams. Parker was out playing with his friends on the rainbow, when suddenly, from the far south, they heard a growl of wind. The sky grew darker with every passing minute.  All of Nimbus knew that trouble had come. Parker and his friends looked up. The wind shrieked and sent them tumbling off the Nimbus Rainbow. Parker fell down through the clouds and down into the land beyond.

Parker was so scared and afraid he would get hurt. The wind lulled him back and forth like he was being rocked inside an invisible cradle. Parker fell asleep in the arms of the giant North Wind.  When he woke up, he sat up and looked around in amazement, his eyes growing big at the wonderful sights he saw. There were lovely clusters of trees all around, each bearing rich fruits. Hillsides covered in gorgeous flowers bloomed all around, and birds with brilliant feathers tweeted and sang in the trees and bushes. Off in the distance, a small brook bubbled and sparkled between lush green hills. Nearby, his friends whispered as they stood in front of a hand-carved wooden sign. Climbing to his feet, Parker stepped close and squinted at the sign: “Kater’s Acres.” Just beyond the sign was a cobblestone path. And beyond that, glimmering on the horizon, was the Nimbus Rainbow. Now, as Parker and his friends explore this fun new world and face adventure at every turn, Parker only has one true mission: to lead his friends back to the Nimbus Rainbow.

6 thoughts on “Parker’s Story

  1. Great info Katie, I personally Love Carmex

    1. Thanks Laura! I’m glad to hear that you like Carmex too.

  2. Very interesting,
    I don’t use a lip balm at night so I guess it’s not an issue for me
    and besides, how can I try anything but carmex given that I recently purchased the cutest Parker covered carmex container from KaterAcres on Etsy?

    1. Aw Leah! You make me blush! I’m glad you love your Parker Carmex topper. Wait until you read my post for next week on my favorite Carmex product. It will have you heading to the store to snatch one up! I made a red one for my Mom, but I haven’t given it to her yet. The new color series of them are releasing in August! They are adorable.

  3. Super fun post, and as a fellow lip product-aholic, very valuable info indeed!!! However, I’m “sticking” with my Chapstick ;D

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jill! I’m glad you have found something you love. There’s another Carmex product that I’m a HUGE fan of and will be writing about it in my blog post next week. It may even rival your Chapstick!

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