Carmex Lip Balm Toppers

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Carmex Lip Balm Toppers

One of the things we have really enjoyed making this Spring are our Carmex Lip Balm Toppers.  We have made them for gifts for holidays and special friends in the past, but we have never sold them.  With Lisa Pavelka‘s launch of her covered Carmex tops for 2012 and in celebration of Carmex’s birthday, we thought that we would offer some cute, nice, & friendly looking toppers to one of our favorite lip balms, Carmex.  We have already sold several of these cute decorated Carmex lip balms through our store.  Here’s a sneak peak at several of the upcoming releases for our store.  As long as you like them and you use them, we’ll continue to make them.

The best part about these lip balm toppers is that they are reusable.  When you’re done with the current Carmex lip balm inside, you can either use the whole container for pills, earring container, button mender kits, really whatever your heart desires.  OR…you can simply keep the top with the new replacement Carmex you bought at the store and throw the undecorated Carmex lid from the new lip balm in the garbage.
We also use Blistex lip pots at home and have covered several of these for ourself.  We have chosen to sell the Carmex brand in our store as it seems that the Carmex brand is more popular of a lip balm.  If you would like a Blistex Lip Medex tub covered for you or a friend, just let us know and we can do that too.  We hope and pray that you and your family have a blessed Easter.
EDIT, April 10, 2012:
As we have listed in ALL our ads, this idea is NOT our own.  This idea was featured in Lisa Pavelka’s Book, “Quick and Easy Gifts in Polymer Clay” in 2005 in her feature “Lady of the Lip Balm Lid.”  Lisa is currently working on a project hand in hand with Carmex Labs featuring her “365 Days of Lip Service.”  Her work is exquisite, elegant, and light years beyond our simple creations.  She is a true master of polymer clay and mixed media arts.

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  1. >Love this idea Katie, we use Carmex and this would be so cool

  2. >Very cool, Katie! Love the designs you have created for these.

  3. >Good luck with your new product!

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