Explorations in Voice – The Projects Part 2

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Explorations in Voice Collaboration with Katie Oskin & Ginger Davis Allman | Polymer Clay Tools & Supplies Review

The Collaboration Project – Part 2

A few days ago I shared the first of Ginger & my collaboration project. Today you can see more of what Ginger & I made in her Missouri studio.

By now you have heard and read what’s been going on with my collaboration with the fabulous Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree and hopefully you saw our “Quintessential Ginger & Katie” pieces. If you for some reason have not heard about our collaboration project, you will want to read this (there’s a giveaway there too). And while you’re at it, don’t miss Ginger’s post either.

What's Alike 1 - Brass Flower

How Our Voices Reflect Our Personality…

Steampunk Dude by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres
Project uses: B’Sue Brass, Christi Friesen Beady Eyes & Mechanical Gears

Today I am sharing another set of projects that Ginger and I worked on together. These two pieces have something very much in common and that is the gorgeous brass flower from B’Sue Boutiques.

This little steampunk dude that I made indeed has my signature style of whimsical playfulness with a broad expression. This little guy stole my heart with his steampunkishness. He’s cute and playful, standing about 2″ tall. The little brass propeller on the top actually spins and lends to his playfulness. Even his flight glasses have him ready for mass adventure! This little steampunk dude is actually a brooch and I’ll probably wear it on my bomber jacket this fall.


Flower Hair Barrette by Ginger Davis Allman
Project Uses: B’Sue Brass, Lisa Pavelka Stamp, Christi Friesen Surface FX in “Glamour”

Ginger used this giant flower as a striking centerpiece in this gorgeous hair barrette done in traditional Ginger style with her attention to detail, angular lines, and is perfectly proportional. The large flower sets off all the sharp angles giving it a very overall sophisticated look.

As usual, Ginger and my work is very different. Although we used the same materials to make our items, our finished results are entirely different. As usual, in every artist, your instinct is to follow your voice. In each of these collaboration projects there are defining things about our styles that are noticeable immediately. Those characteristics are what we call “voice.”

Did you know that everyone has their own “voice,” when it comes to your artistic medium? It’s learning what it is and how to harness it that will make you better at what you do with clay. [Read Ginger’s article on voice here.]

I invite you to leave your thoughts on “Voice” or our collaboration projects in the comments below.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,


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