Getting Ready for a Weekend with Christi Friesen

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WIP Wednesday in Kater's Acres Polymer Clay Studio | Getting Ready for a Weekend with Christi Friesen

WIP Wednesday

Getting Ready for a Weekend with Christi Friesen

This coming weekend I’m going to a two-day clayathon with Christi Friesen (insert lots of exclamation points, hoots, & hollers here)! I’ve been making a lot of things in preparation. Why? Because I’m richly blessed and I love to share with others … so … that being said, let’s get on with it, shall we?! This week’s collage is more of a “look what I’ve done” as opposed to “here’s what’s half done” or “here’s what’s partially done.”  (Clockwise from top left)

Works In Progress

  • It’s a bird necklace done in the style of Christi Friesen … I figured I should refresh myself on her style since I’d be spending two days making Christi inspired designs. This necklace is mine, but I made another for my Mom (see the bottom row).
  • And of course in honor of one of my favorite Christi Friesen books ever, Dragons, I made myself a new dragon necklace and I love it!
  • My husband has been busy building a deck for us this past week.  Here’s the first day I got to sit on it, with my computer and adorable little black bear. Since we live in the woods, we have lots of animals, including Pennsylvania Black Bears. So … our new deck has a “bears” theme, but only cute bears are allowed!
  • My favorite animal in the whole world (other than puppy dogs & kitty cats) are sheep. On a very frustrating day, I grabbed some clay and made myself feel better … by making this cute little sheep necklace.
  • Polymer Clay Inchies! These rainbow themed flower inches are to give as trades with other fellow clayers at this weekend’s clayathon. I know there’s a few people bringing some, so here’s my tradable ones!
  • Clayathon Goodie Bags! I put together one goodie bag for every person attending the clayathon this weekend. They are stuffed with miscellaneous bits, bobs, trinkets, & mixed media elements they can ad to their designs. There’s another picture on the left side of a closeup of some of the goodies.
  • Another bird necklace, again, Christi inspired.  However, this one is for my Mom. Did I mention that she’s going with me to the clayathon?! WHEE!
  • See that adorable & bright colored tin with Parker on it? That’s my new little “storage box” for all my pieces, parts, bits, bobs, & goodies I’m taking this weekend. This tin will definitely set my stuff apart … why? Parker.
  • Closeup of the assortment of goodies in those little bags for my soon to be “new claying friends.”
  • I’ve been experimenting with organic, freeform, & “artifact” type pieces. This hibiscus bud necklace (with baby bud by its side) is just one of those experiments. I’m not sure how I feel about these yet, time will tell. But this was the only one I made … and I almost always make duplicates … so will there be more? That’s yet to be determined.
  • FREE COFFEE! On Mother’s Day, my hubby took me to the craft store. And do you know what they had? FREE COFFEE. Oh it was so nice. I shopped & drank coffee while perusing the store. What a nice treat! Thanks Pat Catan’s!
  • Parker “ancient artifact” inchies! These inchies I made with my newer technique that I’m calling “ancient artifact” for right now … likely the name will get changed. These are for this weekend. Everyone gets one in their goodie bags, even if they didn’t bring something to trade. I made a large patterned sheet filled with Parker images and then cut them apart into 1″ squares. So, if everyone at the clayathon wanted to put it back together like a puzzle, technically, they could.
  • Last but not least, my Mom’s Moose Tin! Since my Mom is coming with me this weekend, I made her a little tin to our all of her bits, bobs, pieces, & parts in too. Since she’s an avid sewer (who has a sewing room all to herself), I figure after this weekend she can repurpose this into a needle caddy.

Weekly Tidbits & Fun

  • We have watching our pennies pretty fiercely around here, so I didn’t go to the grocery in 3 weeks. We ate what we had. It’s nice to know that there was an entire WEEKS worth of food just in the pantry alone. However, going to the grocery today and getting fresh veggies, fruits, & meats was so wonderful!
  • All winter, no matter the temperature or feet of snow outside, I never once complained about the weather. In part, because I love winter. However, today it hit 90 degrees in NW Pennsylvania … June isn’t even here yet. *Sigh*
  • Since my hubby has been busily building our deck, the past several days I’ve had multiple meals a day outside in the midst of my woods. Hearing nature talk, birds chirp, and seeing what all comes wandering through the woods is so wonderful. I’m in love with “Bear Junction.”
  • Countdown until my weekend with Christi: 2 days – YAY!

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Question of the Week:

Do You Trade Inchies with Other Artists?

Seeing as I’ve made over 50 inchies this week, let me ask you a few questions. Do you make or trade inchies with other polymer artists? Do you buy inchies from other artists? Have you ever made an inchie? Leave your answer in the comments below.
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What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!

6 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a Weekend with Christi Friesen

  1. Hi Katie, I sent pics of my craft to the address where I get emails from you. (One of the problems of automated addresses that show up when you start to type in the ‘To’.) Sorry.

  2. Enjoy your time with Christi. She is wonderful. Please say “Hi” from me if you get a chance. I took a week long workshop with Christi last year at Maureen Carlson’s. I will never forget how healing it was to me.

  3. Hi! What do you mean by “inchies”? Just that they are an inch tall? I’ve made about 4 little sculptures that size, but not sure what you mean? Is there a picture? mike(michaelann)

    1. Hi Mike,
      “Inchies” are tradable clay squares. 1″ x 1″. Many artists make them to trade with other artists as they meet. There are two of them in the photos above, the yellow squares and the green squares.

  4. Hi! I have been following you and am amazed at all the scenes you make for Parker and lolly. I was wondering if I could show you a few of my chicken collection I’ve made with polymer clay. They do all sorts of things too. This is just a hobby and I don’t sell them, but would like someone to see them who will appreciate them. Is there a way I can share my pictures with you? Have an awesome trip and wonderful time with Christy Friesen. I have a few of her books but don’t have the talent to make her items- though I have tried. lol. Take care, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon! Sure, you can send me photos of your work. I’d be honored to look at them for you. Send them to me here: katersacres (at)
      Have a great day!

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