Polymer Clay Studio: WIP Wednesday

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Polymer Clay Studio WIP Wednesday | Oodles of creations, experiments, projects, & tutorials too from KatersAcres


It’s been a very busy week inside KatersAcres polymer clay studio.

Come inside & see what’s going on.


I know that I have mentioned this before, but I really do enjoy these WIP Wednesday posts. Not just because I get to show you what’s going on inside my polymer clay studio, but when I prepare these posts I see how productive I’ve really been. So, let’s take a tour, clock-wise from top left.

  • Polymer Clay Studio WIP Wednesday | Oodles of creations, experiments, projects, & tutorials too from KatersAcresJava Dragon, Protector of Coffee Beans – This dragon necklace was made in the middle of a coffee craving … see what happens when you get a craving? Unplanned dragons occur.
  • Parker Parts Keychain – This new release keychain will be available for adoption in my store later this week.
  • Bumper-Sprite Dragon Figurine – This new release is part of Parker’s new Magic Forest series. He will be released later this week as well.
  • Flower Cane – Here’s my cane for the 52 Weeks of Canes group. Get the tutorial to make your own here.
  • Ah yes, the Skinner Blend … always an obsession. Because I make my own clay colors, my skinner blends rarely look the same.
  • An embroidered pendant I made with B’Sue Boutiques antiqued brass bezel.
  • The pieced cane for my 52 Weeks of Canes project for this week before I reduced it.
  • Flash Dragon – This dragon was made for a craft show I’m participating in during the next 2 weeks, hopefully he’ll find a new owner!
  • I featured this lovely dragon on FaceBook this week and it got quite the uproar.  What do you get when you cross Christi Friesen & Alice Stroppel? You get Color Pop Dragon, Guardian of Crayons. So why the riddle? Because it’s a Friesen style dragon made with a Stroppel Cane.
  • More Skinner Blends and a close up of my Java Dragon.
  • Coffee Bean Totem Style Necklace – Yet again another moment where I had a coffee craving. Coffee bean headpins were the result … which soon followed into mixed brown beads … which a few ended up on this little totem style pendant.
  • Fantasy Wizard Parker© – The first figurine in the new Magic Forest series of Parker’s friend, creatures, finds, & more! Available for adoption in my Etsy store.
  • Millefiori cane red flower pendants for my upcoming local shows.

Polymer Clay Flower Pod Pendants Tutorial Coming Soon by KatersAcres

A BIG SURPRISE: On Friday I’m filming a video with Brenda from B’Sue Boutiques. I’ll teach you how to make these lovely Flower Pod Pendants.


Emie, Polymer Clay Dragon, Handmade by KatersAcresRarely do I create a piece that I love so much I can’t bear to part with it. Yesterday, Emie was born in my studio. She’s a happy go-lucky dragon who has a new home in Parker’s polymer clay studio. Welcome to the family Emie!

Weekly Tidbits & Fun

  • Recently, me & my glitter have not been getting along. This past week in a moment while I was not thinking I was adding glitter to my new Flash Dragon necklace you see above … and I turned on the fan. Glitter everywhere. OOPS.
  • Dragons have been on my brain lately, can you tell? I’m hoping many more fun & whimsical dragons are to come for the Magic Forest, but we shall see.
  • Both of my clay magazine’s arrived this week: The Polymer Arts & Polymer Café, reviews will come later but let me say about the former, “WOW SAGE! What a great issue.”

What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!


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