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Katie Oskin of Kater's AcresHi there! You are on this page because you have a question about polymer clay! Most likely, you have a struggle or something that you can’t quite get the hang of when it comes to working with clay.  I’m here for you! I want to help transform you from a polymer clay crafter to a polymer artist.  I’m here to help you obtain the building blocks you need.

Let me hear from you! Send me your questions regarding polymer clay and let’s learn together.  The answers to your questions will show up in posts on the blog.

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3 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Questions

  1. Can you help me?
    I’m trying to make bookmarks with polymer, but they keep breaking, are they to thin or am I doing something wrong.
    If so how can I fix this

    1. There are several reasons that this could be happening.
      1) You are using too brittle of a clay to begin with. Try using Premo! – I have had great success with making thinner bookmarks.
      2) You are not fully conditioning the clay.
      3) Be sure to bake it long enough. Even very thin pieces of clay should bake for 45-60 minutes, covered in foil.
      See if this helps at all & let me know how it goes.

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