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I have been doing craft shows for about 10 years now.  Over time my designs and set up has changed…except for one thing…my business card holder.  I always put my business cards in a little flower shaped glass dish.  It matches my other “pretty” display fixtures…but seeing as I no longer sell the jewelry component of Kater’s Acres and function strictly on polymer clay sculptures, it was time for a change.  For this years’ fall craft show I decided it was time to spruce up my business card holder into something that matched my business…

Parker is Kater’s Acres icon and he’s a highly recognizable presence to my business.  Since everything at Kater’s Acres is about Parker, it was time to spruce up my business cardholder.  While my old business card holder was pretty, it did not match the whimsical style that Parker has…not to mention that it wasn’t made with clay.

Having the Idea

NEW Kater's Acres Business Card Holder Made from Polymer Clay

I had a craft show last weekend and I knew that I wanted to have something special to hold my business cards.  Something that was Parker, but that was also Kater’s Acres…something that could stand on it’s own and yet represent who I was as an artist and the heart of Kater’s Acres, Parker.

Since Parker likes to explore the woods and forests of Kater’s Acres, I thought portraying Parker in that kind of a scene might be appropriate.  So I made a tree and a bush and put Parker in a flower garden…well…that didn’t sit well with me.  So…I thought back to the hallmark of Kater’s Acres, the StoryBook Scene that tells Parker’s story…from that point I knew exactly what it was I wanted to create.

The Final Result

Kater's Acres Polymer Clay Business Card Holder with Cards

What you see is the result of that inspiration…but exactly what I was after, something that stands alone and represents my store, but something that also holds my business cards.  This design turned out better than what I had in my head.  With a solid coat of antiquing on the Kater’s Acres plaque, the addition of millefiori cane slices, and Parker’s huge smile, I can’t wait for my next show!

Polymer Clay Parker Business Card Holder for Kater's Acres

Sculpting Blessings,


6 thoughts on “My Handmade Business Card Holder

  1. Super Cute Katie!

  2. So darling. Bet people will love it!

  3. Its adorable! And perfect! I have a card holder that has my main turtle wearing a necklace, swimming at the bottom of the ocean. Just like my banner. I LOVE it 🙂

  4. Cute!

  5. That is just SO ADORABLE!!! The flower & garden theme is carried out to the tinest detail. I love it 😀

  6. I love it how cute. this is great

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