Featured Artist: Kimmie’s Clay Kreations

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FuzzyKims Otter by Kimmie Anne

Polymer Clay Featured Artist

Kimmie of Kimmie’s Clay Kreations

It’s once again my pleasure to bring you another talented clay artist. Kimmie of Kimmie’s Clay Kreations has an imagination that is huge! She’s constantly coming up with new characters and bringing them to life. Read more about her below.

Meet Kimmie

Hi my name is Kimmie and I’m a polymer clay artist and designer. My 2 favorite mediums are Polymer Clay & Shrink-Art because both mediums bring back childhood memories. I love coming up with new designs and I find sculpting, drawing and coloring very relaxing. When I was a child I used to love to create characters with Play-doh and color and draw with crayons. I had a huge stack of coloring books that would keep me busy for hours. My 3 children and I loved playing with Play-doh and coloring and drawing together. Now I use Polymer Clay instead of Play-doh and draw and color with Prismacolor colored pencils instead of crayons. My creativity and imagination is endless.


Meet the FuzzyKims

I love to make Cute Whimsical Handmade Polymer Clay Kreations called FuzzyKims because they make me smile, laugh, and feel happy. I hope they do the same for you. My FuzzyKims make wonderful Keepsake Treasures, a personalized gift that will bring wonderful memories for many years to come. Each FuzzyKim comes in a handmade gift box along with an adoption certificate.

I can make any custom FuzzyKim. If you see any FuzzyKim and would like a different color or style, please contact me so I can make one especially for you. Now what can you do with my FuzzyKims? You can do almost anything with them. You can set them on shelves, put them in a shadow box or dollhouse, use them as cake decorations, use them as conversation pieces, use it for a gift, fill up a stocking, hang them on a seasonal (or Christmas) tree, wear them as a necklace, have them made into a magnet or just add them to your personal handmade collection. My FuzzyKims can be made for all sorts of shenanigans and also made in any color and for any profession or occasion. Some great ideas – a character in your school colors, for a birthday party, holiday gathering, anniversary, shower, wedding – you name it and it can be done. I have FuzzyKims available for purchase on my website and in my Etsy shop.

About Kimmie’s Clay Kreations Etsy Shop

A little about my shop. I opened my Etsy store in November 2012, but I didn’t launch my FuzzyKims until October 2013. At first I thought FuzzyKims were just going to be cute little whimsical Monsters, but then they evolved into all kinds of animals and fun characters that is in great thanks to so many of my customers for requesting custom orders and pushing my creativity. My most recent custom FuzzyKim is a little Otter. I have to say he’s one of my favorites and I had a very hard time letting him go to his new home. It was so much fun making him and he really makes me smile and feel all warm and Fuzzy inside. I sure am learning a lot about animals. When I get an order for a new FuzzyKim animal, I google pictures of the real animal and then sketch out an idea and then I start sculpting.

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Find Kimmie Here:

Etsy * Website

FaceBook *  Blog * Pinterest * Flickr * Instagram

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Kimmie’s Clay Kreations

  1. Hi there, what do you make your creations with? my friends child was talking about ‘fuzzy clay’ is that a thing? Also, would you be able to create two owls? for two little girls? What is the price and thank you.

    1. Hi Caite. Thanks for contacting me. These creations are not mine, but rather belong to Kimmie’s Clay Kreations. Please click the link to her Etsy shop to speak with her there.

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