Friesen Friday Project: Making a Tribal Face from Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Polymer Clay Tribal Mask Tutorial by KatersAcres

The Friesen Project ran in 2013 and has since ended. Many of the projects are no longer available but can be found in Christi’s books. Projects that were done by the site owner have been rewritten and turned into Worksheets or Tutorials.

For the complete tutorial, please see Christi Friesen’s Mixed Media Book starting on page 126 for the “Quetzalcoatl Calls” Tutorial.

Gather Your Inspiration

Menehune statues throughout Walt Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii

Before you begin your project, I encourage you to do some research on tribal images to see what kind of a tribal person you’d like to make. Christi’s book uses inspiration from the Aztec’s. I have taken my ideas also from a tribal figure, the elusive, ancient spirit of the Menehune from the islands of Hawaii. The pictures shown at the left were taken by my Mom & Dad when they visited Walt Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii.  I am intrigued by the Menehune and find the story fascinating! The Menehune are believed to be small dwarf like creatures that hide deep in the forests and hidden valleys of Hawaii. They bring good fortune and blessings to people.

Intrigued about menehune? Visit the Hawaiian Encyclopedia to get more information.

Gather Your Materials

Tribal Face Polymer Clay Tutorial

For complete instructions on making a tribal face for this week’s Friesen Project, please see Christi’s Book on page 126.

The offer for the free Tutorial for the Tribal Face from Kater’s Acres is now expired and can be found with the Worksheets. More free tutorials are available in the directory or in her FaceBook group.

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  1. I love this tutorial and will definitely be trying it!

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