Polymer Clay Book Review: Flourish Book One “Flora” by Christi Friesen

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The Friesen Project: Polymer Clay Designs Inspired by Christi Friesen & Flourish

Well, this is the final book review for Christi Friesen for the Friesen Project of 2013. It has been a great year filled with projects, fun, and much more. I certainly hope that you have enjoyed it and had fun getting to know your clay once again. Look for another HUGE project coming your way for 2014 and a new FB group to join as well. Next year’s project will be much different, but very fun & enjoyable!

The Final Push

I’m so sad that this project is coming to an end. *Sigh* I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and bringing fun tutorials to you with the blessing & help and Christi Friesen.  There are only 3 projects left in our Friesen Project for the year. If you have missed any of the projects or tutorials, be sure to go here and get them all.

Polymer Clay Book Review:

Flourish: Flora by Christi Friesen

Flourish by Christi Friesen Book Review & Giveaway

Flourish Book One: Flora is a great book filled with inspiration, techniques, color, & more plant-like fun than you can possibly imagine! Christi brings plants to life in a way that has not been done by anyone yet. I love her approach and the inspiration that she draws from other artists and designers like Jana Roberts Benzon, Leila Bidler, Sage Bray, Maureen Carlson, Kathleen Dustin, Dawn Schiller, Iris Mishly, Lisa Pavelka and many more!

This book is broken up into several sections:

  • Guide to tools, supplies, & more
  • Leafy exhibits & demonstrations (Many more designs & additions to the “Jungle Book” which featured an entire section on leaves)
  • Pods, seeds, fruits, berries, & buds
  • Flowers (Very similar to “Funky Flowers” in her Mixed Media Book)
  • Stained Glass Caned Flowers (perhaps my favorite part of the book)
  • Swellegant flower project
  • Organic Textures
  • One sculpture project, Twiggy

What You’ll Notice

The first thing that you will notice is that this book has much more to do with organic, life-like, sculptural reproductions. For those who are fans of Christi’s characters, dragons, birds, animals, & other whimsical projects, there is only one sculpting project like this. It is almost the final project, Twiggy, in her book. Christi does a nice job of giving out resources, highlighting artists (and where to find them), and giving you tips (and humor) along the way in her typical Christi fashion.

As an added bonus, at the very back of the book, Christi announces the other 3 books in the series that will be coming soon: Fauna, Aqua, & Terra all of which I know will be great fun!

Projects This Month:

All projects are from Christi’s Flourish, Book One: Flora

  • Flowers with Caned Leaves – Page 43
  • Faux Stained Glass – Page 58-73
  • Twiggy – Page 101
  • SURPRISE: “Thor’s Goat” – A custom PDF tutorial from Christi, just for each of you!

The Friesen Project

The Friesen Project is done in conjunction with Christi Friesen. All tutorials are retaught here with her expressed permission. Please make sure to read about the project here, and get answers to the most common FAQS here.

See you next Friesen Friday,
Until then, Happy Claying,

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