Find Polymer Clay Inspiration Through Art Journaling

Posted on December 13, 2012 in Hints, Tips, & Tricks by Katie Oskin

Sometimes a Break Provides Inspiration

Find Polymer Clay Inspiration Through Art Journaling on KatersAcres Blog

Sometimes polymer clay inspiration runs out and your creative streak comes to a grinding halt.  And personally, I hate it when that happens!  I go along for weeks with thousands of ideas swimming around my head and then all of a sudden BAM all those ideas are just … gone!  Where did they go?  Chances are my inspiration got lost along the road of life and needs a little “revival” in order to come back to me.  Delving into different craft mediums can be helpful to find your inspiration once again and art journaling is one of the ways you can find that inspiration again!

(Photo at right is linked to artists profile page here on Pinterest)


ZenDoodles by KatersAcres - Inspiration for Multidimensional Texture Plates on KatersAcres Blog https://katersacres.comArt journaling is a form of self-expression that can get you in touch with yourself and inspire you to create something new, fresh, exciting, and unique.  When your inspiration runs dry and even Pinterest can’t help to inspire you … try something new, unique, and different.  I found this great beginners guide to art journaling on YouTube.  Perhaps it will give you a fresh idea of creativity so that your clay creations have life & character once again; since after all, most of art journaling is about experiencing self & play.  Can’t your claying life be like that too? There are thousands of video’s on YouTube on how to art journal, you can check out my Pinterest Board for more.

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