Polymer Clay & Silkscreen Storage Solutions

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Polymer Clay & Silk Screen Storage Solution by KatersAcres

Just like out clothing, many things in the craft world gain a resurgence after a time. Like Mokume Gane who had a recent resurgence last year, this year silkscreening is making a big comeback. Silkscreening is by no way a new concept to the art world as a whole or to the polymer clay community. In today’s video I will address an important part of using silkscreens and that is, their proper storage.

Polymer Clay Storage Solutions by KatersAcres

Silkscreen Storage Solution

When silkscreens get bent or have creases in them, it makes them harder to use and paint to smear underneath the designs. For polymer clay users, the ability of the silkscreen to adhere to the clay (via placing the shiny or slippery side of the silkscreen face down onto the clay) is tantamount to achieving a flawless design and pattern on your clay. For this to happen, one of the most important things is that your silkscreens remain in pristine condition. Placing them haphazardly in drawers could cause them to bend, while even rough handling may cause them to tear. So what is the best and easiest way to store them?

Like many other things in the craft world, there are multiple ways you can store something. Whatever method you choose, I hope that you are diligent and careful in handling your silkscreens. The video below will show you my silkscreen storage solution to help protect them as well as make them easy to see the pattern in each silkscreen.

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2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay & Silkscreen Storage Solutions

  1. Super storage idea – simple and effective. Thank you!

    I recommend Ginger’s silk screen tutorial. It is thoroughly researched, well set out and comprehensive; I learned a lot from it. It’s an excellent reference for all things silk screen related.

  2. Great info. Thanks for sharing.

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