Polymer Clay Tip – Tutorial Storage

Posted on August 27, 2013 in Hints, Tips, & Tricks by Katie Oskin

Tutorial Storage

Polymer Clay Tip - Tutorial Storage by KatersAcres

If you love polymer clay tutorials (and who doesn’t) and you have a good number of them, if you print each and every one, over time, storing them becomes a real problem! Here’s what I’ve done to tackle that problem. I hope you enjoy these tutorial storage ideas, feel free to share yours in the comments below.

Polymer Clay Storage Solutions by KatersAcres

Tutorial Storage Solution:

One of the questions I am asked both online and by my students is how to store their tutorials. Today’s polymer clay tip involves just that, the storage of your precious tutorial.  Please understand, I do not know what works for every individual, but I will tell you the way that I store mine that works nicely for me.  If you store your tutorials differently, feel free to share how you store your tutorials in the comments below.


Simple Solutions:

Polymer Clay Tip - Tutorial Storage by KatersAcresI am a BIG fan of simple solutions. All I do to store my tutorials is print them out, staple them together, and insert the ENTIRE tutorial into ONE sheet protector. I then store all of my tutorials together into one binder. (Okay, it’s grown to two binders, but who’s counting!)

When it is time to use them, I simple remove the tutorial I want from its protective sleeve. Then I set it out on my worktable next to me so I can follow the instructions. When I’m finished, I just put it back in the binder and then set the binder back on the shelf.

PS: No, rainbows do not come out of my binder when I open it … but in my mind it is accompanied by a special “AH!” kind of music.

Thanks for joining me today,

Clay on my friends,

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Judith Lynn Gauthier
August 28, 2013

Great idea! I keep all my tutorials on my lap top which is on an old wheeled microwave cart that I can move back and forth between my work station and my photography station or where ever as needed.

All the tutorials are saved in a folder labeled Tutorials and within that, folders named either Paid or Free. If the tutorials are in pdf form they are saved directly in the folder by their name. If the tutorial is not a down loadable version I will either highlight the entire tutorial or print screen it and paste it into microsoft word then save in the folders. This way all of my tutorials are easily accessible from my laptop where ever I might be working.


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