International Polymer Clay Swaps – Pens & Twinchies

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Polymer Clay Swap Items (Pen & Twinchie) by KatersAcres for Laura Schiller

Last year in the fall, I was invited to join in with a group on International Polymer Clay Artists from around the world in a swap.  I considered myself very fortunate to be part of the group where Tina Holden is one of the leaders.  We have just completed our most recent swap and I wanted to show off what I received…

Polymer Clay Swap Theme

Each swap is united and organized around a theme.  This past theme was “Pens & Twinchies.”  Our job was once we were paired with out partners, we were to make and ship a handmade polymer clay pen and a “twinchie” (which is like an inchie, but it is two inches instead of one inch).  I had oodles of ideas and oodles of color palettes in mind … why? Because in part I am addicted to making polymer clay pens anyway, I make at least 2 a week in my studio.  (You can find a video tutorial on making polymer clay pens here).

What I Sent

KatersAcres International Polymer Clay Swap with Laura SchillerI was partnered up with the very talented Laura Schiller.  I actually made several different items for the swap because honestly … I just couldn’t decide what I was “happiest” with.  Though, in retrospect, any of the items I made would have been good sends.  After spending several days making different pens, I finally settled on this lovely pen shown at left.  I made a blended sheet of gradient metallic orange, pearl, & metallic pink and covered it with striped & bullseye white canes for pop and yellow translucent clay with gold foil.


Twinchies set by KatersAcres

But perhaps my favorite was the Twinchie.  I made several Twinchies all of which were cute … but then I had a great idea.  I needed to make a set of Twinchies!  So, I made four Twinchies using mostly simple canes to look like mushrooms … and then I made tiny (about 1/4″ tall) Parker’s to go into each and every scene.  You can see all four of the Twinchies at the right …

What I Received:

Pen & Twinchie Swap from Laura Schiller to KatersAcresI receive the most beautiful caned pen & Twinchie from my swap partner, Laura Schiller.  Laura is a very accomplished cane artist, as well as egg decorator.  Her swirls and canes were perfect and her leaves added a final touch of whimsy and grace.  The back of the Twinchie features a beautiful Irish blessing.  She even handmade a little wire frame for the Twinchie to allow it to stand.  I was so flattered and honored when I received by swap.  Thank you so much Laura!

Would you like to join in this International Polymer Clay Swaps team?  If so, just click here or on the banner above to be taken to the FaceBook group page.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

6 thoughts on “International Polymer Clay Swaps – Pens & Twinchies

  1. I clicked on the link to join this group. It is a closed group and to join it says that I must be referred by someone otherwise my request to join will be deleted. I would like to join this group. How can I do this?

    1. Hi Susan,

      You’re correct, the group is closed and someone who knows you must refer you to join the group. If you can connect with me on Facebook (link at top right), I can do that for you.

  2. I am so humbled to be a part of the swap group. The challenges are fun and I’m making friends all over the world. Such a talented group of polymer clayers.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with this Swap Katie!
    This was our 4th International Swap and just about completed with only 5 or 6 more polymer clay aficionados anxiously awaiting their items. It’s so interesting to see the varied styles, ideas, techniques and the competency of the items being made. Lots of eye candy for sure!
    Of course we’d love to have more clayers join us, whether just to watch from the sidelines or to join in when a theme appeals to them.

  4. We have had such a fun time with this swap. I think everybody has really gotten into it. I don’t know if it is because it is spring or what. It is a fun group to be a part of. You can swap internationally if you want or you can stay within the USA. Katie did such cute little “twinchies”. They are a lot of fun to make.

    1. I had the honor of being paired with Kelly Steindorf for my last swap which featured fairy doors. She made me a gorgeous fairy door for my polymer clay studio! Thanks for stopping by today Kelly!

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