Polymer Clay Pens Extravaganza!

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Polymer Clay Pen by KatersAcres
Rollerball Pen Handcrafted from Polymer Clay Flowers by DesignedTurning.etsy.com

I have an addiction…I am addicted to pens.  Not just any pens, polymer clay covered pens.  I have always been a fan of pens and have more pens than any 4 households need.  However, when I discovered that I could cover my pens in polymer clay…a new kind of obsession was born!  An obsession to creating and covering pens with polymer clay.  I’m showing off some very awesome polymer clay covered pens from artists around the globe.  Feel free to leave your comments and links to your own polymer clay pen creations at the end of this post.


queen of hearts polymer clay pens

Polymer clay pens come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. From elegant and show stopping, to whimsical and cute, from the inexpensive to the extraordinarily expensive.  They are available through Etsy, Artfire, and so many other places in the online shopping community.


Pen Pot with 6 pens polymer clay design by CathyHarm.etsy.com

For some people, like me, collecting polymer clay pens is most of the fun of it.  I have over 20 polymer clay pens from artists from around the world.  But they all have one thing in common: they don’t get used.  Why?  Because for me, half the fun is the discovery and conquest of finding that awesome polymer clay pen! But for other people, these polymer clay covered pens actually get used.  The only polymer clay pens that I have used, I have made myself.  Why? Because I would hate to ruin another person’s work of art…but more than that, if I was honest, I would hate to lose their work of art is the black hole of “lost pens” that occurs in my home.  :-p


Pearl Polymer Clay Pens

In my experience, pens that are smooth in nature tend to be more durable and to last longer than those with loosely attached components.  The pens at right are solid and smooth, these pens are gorgeous in their marbled pearlized look, but also will be durable through everything…even the dog getting ahold of it!


Polymer Clay Millefiori Pens (Custom Order)

There are literally hundreds of possibilities when decorating a polymer clay pen.  You can even decorate the pen, add a stand, and a little something extra.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and most of all, have fun while you do it.  This coming week, take time to create for yourself a unique pen that you can use time and time again.  

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3 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Pens Extravaganza!

  1. Thank you for featuring my pens 🙂 they are one of my obsessions too! Lol

  2. What fun pens, love the ones with the balls on the tops! Displaying them in that vase is so cute too. I love making pens, and they make great stocking stuffers!!

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