Color Palette: Fall Surprise

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Fall Color Palette - Natural Tones by KatersAcres

Creative Inspiration for Color Palettes, Prompts, and More by KatersAcres

Fall Color Palette

Fall Color Palette - Natural Tones by KatersAcres

While jewel tones might be a popular fall color palette, it’s not the color palette I see out my window every day.  Parker lives in the woods here at Kater’s Acres. There are trees, insects, and things that go “bump” in the night all around him. Sometimes the best color palettes are the ones that we find in nature.  Today’s fall color palette is taken from this photograph of Parker & my adventures through the woods several days ago.

There are two color palettes for you today. One color palette are the colors generated by a computer for this image.  The second color palette are direct compliments to the first palette. Which means the colors in the second set are complimentary to the first set.  That’s almost a mouthful, isn’t it?

Fall Color Palettes


Fall Color Palette by Kater's Acres

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Fall Color Palette - Complimentary Colors by Kater's Acres


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What can you do with these colors and this theme? Stay tuned, a mini-tutorial in downloadable PDF form is coming your way!

Fall Leaf Mini-Tutorial Coming Soon by KatersAcres

What Will You Create?

What kinds of things would you make with today’s color palette? Feel free to post your creations on my Facebook page and show everyone what you have made with the color palette from today’s blog post. Also, feel free to tweet your picture to @katersacres with the #KatersCP to show off your creation!

I hope today’s palette & color selections help you get back into your studio this weekend! Thanks for joining me today and don’t forget to sign up for more tutorials, prompts, and projects direct to your email.

Happy Claying,

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