Inspiration for the Creatively Dry Using Color Palettes

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Having a Color Palette is Essential to an Artist by KatersAcres

Having a Color Palette is Essential to an Artist by KatersAcresDo you ever have one of those times where the ideas just don’t come?  You sit … think … try to create … and after several hours, all you’ve done is play around and there’s nothing “new” produced?  Well I’ve been so busy that aside from my orders, I’ve had one of those spells.  I’ve frankly been in a creative rut.  And it’s not so much that I don’t have ideas, for I have an entire notebook of ideas…but nothing sounds appealing to me!  *Sigh*  So to help me to get through these times I have done several things to help myself get “into gear.”  I’m sure that some of these ideas may help you as well.  

I have written about color and color palettes before, but with the creative rut I’ve been in, I needed to rejuvinate myself with a healthy splash of beautiful colors in every tone, hue, saturation, and depth.  Color me happy and color my world……..that’s exactly what we’re going to do today; use a color palette generator to help put your creativity back on track.


What helps me the most is looking at color palettes.  Now I’m not very artsy-fartsy if you will…so I can NOT just look at a picture and pick out the tones, hues, and colors that are dominant and play off each other.  No.  I’m not good at this.  But, luckily I came across a website that is fueling my need for palette driven inspiration.  Design Seed is one of those websites that gets my creative juices flowing.  Every day they generate one full color palette and choose photos that compliment that palette and feature them through their blog.  In fact most days they have more than one color prompt.  It’s fantastic the things that they can do with color!  And often those photos are all I need to create a palette just like the one featured and let the clay tell me what it wants to be.


One of the things I have really begun to love is Sherwin Williams new Chip It!  I have tried lots of color generators, but one of the reasons that I love this one so much is that Sherwin Williams allows me to save the things that I’ve “chipped!”  You can use their free service by installing a bookmarklet and clicking “Chip It!” and it will generate a “chip” on pictures from the web page you are on that can be “chipped” and then save it to your chipboard!  And it’s free which I’m totally excited about!  And not only this, but it does it a la Pinterest style.  Plus, it’s free!  AND….Chip It! allows me to create ChipBooks to save my various findings to.  And what’s more, it’s got a great “Pin It” button installed so it’s as easy as a simple click to share that Inspiration with all of you on Pinterest!  Did I mention that it’s free?  Now how cool was that?!


Get Out of Your Design Slump with Color Palettes on KatersAcres BlogI have recently been challenging my readers with a weekly challenge.  I’m giving you a prompt, technique, project, or sample of something that I want you to try to create.  So instead of a project, I want you to use the color palette below to create something wonderful!  Make your own colors, mix them beautifully, and let the clay speak to you.  Today’s color palette is from DellCoveSpices fantastic foodie product line, which was photographed by professional photographer Crystal Gayle Photography; both of these wonderful handmade stores can be found on Etsy.


Leave the link to your newly created polymer clay masterpiece and make sure you tweet me up #katersacrespcchallenge so we can display your awesome artwork here on the blog! Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,


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  1. Hey, that is so cool! Thanks for sharing and promoting our shop with Dell Cove’s lovely photos!

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