January Polymer Clay Book of the Month: Dogs!

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Polymer Clay Book of the Month "DOGS!" by Christi Friesen | CLICK to read the review & enter to win your own copy

Earlier this week I announced my plans for KatersAcres blog in 2016. [You can read the post here] One of those things is that each month I will introduce you to a ‘polymer clay book of the month.’ This book may be new, it may be old … but one thing will be sure. It’s a book that I like and think that you will too. I have several big artists and their books lined up all year, so be sure to check back on the first Friday of every month.

About Christi Friesen

Christi Friesen & Katie OskinChristi Friesen is one of the most popular and most beloved polymer clay artists in the world. She’s kind, generous, funny, and all together a wonderful person. I’ve worked with Christi on and off for several years, collaborating on projects and the like. I’ve taken her classes, spoken with her on the phone, and yes … was so excited to meet her the first time (as seen in the photo at right). Unlike other polymer clay books, each of Christi’s books take on a life of their own. They are funny, thoughtful, easy to understand and so much more. Dogs! is exactly what you’d expect from Christi, delightful, fun, & makes you feel like a polymer rock star when you make her projects. Christi is SO awesome, she’s giving away 4 copies of her Dogs! book to you, my readers. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE.

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Buy Dogs! direct from Christi

Dogs! Much Ado About Puppies: The CF Sculpture Series Book 8 (Beyond Projects)

Mocha Latte with Christi Friesen's DOGS! Book for Polymer ClayThe Dogs! book is one of Christi’s newest books and most recent releases. It has received high praise and accolades, even from the canine species too! This month we will explore one of the projects here on the blog together <January 12th> as I lead you through another version of one of the best projects in the book (in my opinion of course) … the Guardian Dog!

Here’s the knitty-gritty details that all bibliophiles (like me) need:

    • Series: Beyond Projects (Book 8)
  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • Publisher: CF Books (September 7, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 098873298X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0988732988

Why It’s My Polymer Clay Book of the Month Choice

Christi Friesen's "Beyond Projects: Dogs! Much Ado About Puppies" for polymer clay and mixed media.It’s no secret that I adore Christi’s writing style, her awesome sense of humor, and the scope of her projects. Her projects can be made by beginners with ease and more advanced artists can embellish and make the projects in their style using her tutorial as a guide. The book goes into some detail on creating ears, fur, and even a small discussion on dog breeds and creating YOUR dog from polymer clay.

There are many great projects in the book, but a few of my favorites are:

  • Guardian Dog
  • Lump Mutts (Christi’s “Lump Projects” are a favorite of many artists for their ease, simplicity, and fun)
  • Personalized Pet Photo Frames – Make your OWN dog using a picture and set it into a frame

Do you have this book? What do you think of it? Add YOUR thoughts into the comments below.


Don’t Miss the DOG PARK

Of course, Christi couldn’t put EVERY dog in the book, but for those of you with specific canine breeds, Christi has released her DOG PARK where you can go and get FREE dog tutorials! Maybe your dog is in this bunch … go look and be sure to say “Thanks Christi” in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “January Polymer Clay Book of the Month: Dogs!

  1. I love all of Christie Friesens Artwork, these puppies will fit to my kitten collection really fine. Thanks

  2. I would love to get this to make puppy pins for my friends and if I’m good enough maybe make so the local shelter can make some money for the animals.

  3. One of my goals this year is to collect at least 4 polymer clay books to expand my knowledge. Thank you to both Christi and Katie for the opportunity

  4. Woof! Love Christi Friesen’s artwork.

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