Polymer Clay Book Review “Clay Techniques…” by Maureen Carlson

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Polymer Clay Book Review ClayTechniques by Maureen Carlson on KatersAcres Clay Blog

Polymer Clay Book Review "Clay Techniques with a Pasta Machine" by Maureen Carlson

Two weeks ago I re-introduced everyone to the awesome Meg Newberg.  In invited each of you to check out her blog and subscribe to her brand new “Cane Builder” eMagazine.  I have been so impressed and I am blown away by how utterly understandable she makes caning.  This being said, I had several of you write to me and ask me how to get started caning.  So … I thought I’d introduce you to an old (but good) favorite polymer clay book of mine that has basic caning and color blending techniques; without further ado, let’s get to the book review, shall we?

Polymer Clay Book Review

“Clay Techniques with a Pasta Machine” by Maureen Carlson

Polymer Clay Book Review ClayTechniques by Maureen Carlson on KatersAcres Clay Blog

When I was asked by more than three people last week about a recommendation for a good beginning book, this is the first one that came to my mind.  “Clay Techniques with a Pasta Machine” by Maureen Carlson is one of the first books I got when I began to clay 5 years ago.

The Pro’s and the Con’s:

  • This is a great book for beginners.  If you have been claying for years, you probably won’t find this book very helpful as it’s very basic (as you can tell from the cover).
  • Pasta Machine Basics: For those of you who haven’t used a pasta machine before, Maureen does a good job explaining how to use it and even how to clean it.
  • She also demonstrates several differed Skinner Blend variations and patterns that you can try on your own.
  • One of the things that I love about it is that it has beautiful color choices that inspire me just be looking at it!  You don’t have to duplicate her colors, but I suggest using them as a springboard for your own.
  • Very basic projects are included with the book.  Again, if you are not new to claying, there is nothing new in this book that would inspire you that hasn’t been published in other books.
    • Basic projects include: decorated jar, switch plate, journal cover, & basic jewelry
  • I teach classes in my studio and this book is always one I pull down for the beginners to look through to get ideas and see examples.  Again in part because of the beautiful colors Maureen chooses, but also because of her straight forward approach.
  • For only $7.99 it’s great to have as a reference and it ships FREE from Amazon if you have Prime!

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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Do you have a polymer clay book that you are contemplating purchasing?  I have over 40 polymer clay books in my library, chances are good I have the one your looking for.  Let me know and I will do a full polymer clay book review for your book choice if I have it!  Leave your inquiries in the comments below.

Please feel free to purchase Maureen Carlson’s Polymer Clay Book “Clay Techniques with a Pasta Machine” from the Amazon link provided where I am an affiliate.

4 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Book Review “Clay Techniques…” by Maureen Carlson

  1. I am a beginner in polmer claying. I am looking for someone to give me some lessons eiher at my home or theirs. I live in Homestead PA, which is just ouside of Pittsburgh. I don’t know where you live, but could you help me in this matter?

    Thanks even if you can’t. Hannah

    1. Hi Hannah! I sent you an email with more information. I do give classes here in my home studio, you are welcome to join me anytime.

  2. Katie, I am contemplating buying Mark Dennis’ book “The Human Figure in Clay”. The reviews are all over the place, some people love it and some people hate it and I have NO idea. Not sure if you have books about sculpting but that would be a review I’d love your opinion on, or maybe other readers of your blog who have the book 🙂

    1. I went through my library and do not have this book Astrid, but I will check into getting it and write one if you’d like. I have many sculpting books (because that’s what I like) but not this one!

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