Making a Difference for Samunnat Nepal

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Samunnat Nepal - Polymer Clay Doll with Sari Skirt & Necklace

Helping the ladies of Samunnat Nepal is an honor. Finding ways to give back to the polymer clay community that I love so much is a joy. In last month’s Polymer Notebook email, I encouraged all of your to look beyond yourselves and see how you could reach out and help others within the polymer clay community. This includes things like purchasing tutorials from other clay artists & teachers, buying products from other artists, adopting designs from other polymer people, and even purchasing for a good cause. For those of you who have chosen to support KatersAcres in any facet, I thank you!

I myself support other artists, by purchasing tutorials, supplies, & art too. Why? Because I believe in helping others, sharing with others, and supporting each other. We need to lift each other up and help in other out! The world is full of things that are not good. Our art should be full of encouragement, support, and love. In that vein, let us therefore also reach out and help others. Most especially when it is for a good and worthy cause.

Samunnat Nepal

Sumunnat Nepal - Polymer Clay Doll & NecklaceThe polymer community as a whole has been instrumental in helping the women of Samunnat Nepal to earn an income and help break the chains of domestic violence and trafficking. [Read more here] Some of the most instrumental in this cause have been Cynthia Tinapple and Ron Lehocky. But you too can play a small part in helping these women to make a living and re-establish themselves and their families. Anyone can purchase a gift for themselves or someone else; but to know that the gift is going to better the life of someone in need is something that is truly special. Samunnat Nepal’s website requests that in order to help, the best way is simply to purchase some of their art! There is a place specifically for donations, but what a better way to help than to purchase art to wear or decorate your home.

Sumunnat Nepal - Polymer Clay Doll with Sari SkirtI purchased two items for myself (selfish, I know). Each item came in a handmade little bag (shown above in the photo) with notes tucked inside. The first and favorite item I purchased is a gorgeous Sunset Angel doll. I was so excited to receive her. She is stunning! Her sari skirt is fantastic. It is gorgeous raspberry, purple, and sky blue colors with embroidery and sequins. It even has rope detailing in with it. The top of her dress is a simple silk screened teal with gold accents. She even came with a handwritten note from the lady who made her. This was a very special touch that blew me away. Wow!

Sumunnat Nepal - Polymer Clay NecklaceAnd the last item I purchased for myself was this lovely mainabatti (Candle) bead necklace in the color scheme Lapis / AkashiIt’s a lovely necklace at 53cm long. It drapes nicely around my neck. Even though I can not attend, the description says that the sale of this necklace is helping to fund the trip to two of the Samunnat ladies get to Synergy 2017! WOOT! Double bonus.

If you are feeling generous and would like to make a big impact on the lives of ladies you may never meet, but would greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness; head over to their shop and pick up something for yourself or someone you love.

PS: Mother’s Day is around the corner, chances are good she’ll love that while you thought of her, you helped another Mom overcome!

Thank you for your support and thank you for caring so much about others!

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  1. I’ve been searching for a place in Kathmandu that sells oven bake polymer clay and cannot find one. Could you please help me out?

    1. Check she has a list of places around the world you can get clay.

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