Fall Festival Polymer Clay Necklace Tutorial

Fall Festival Jewelry Tutorial by KatersAcres

NEW Fall Festival Polymer Clay Necklace Tutorial

Once again today I’m traveling to spend time with the dazzling crew over at B’Sue Boutiques. Today we are going to be shooting a video on how to make the component parts to make your own polymer clay fall festival necklace.

Other Information You Will Need:

Fall Festival PDF Supplemental (Retired)

 and Polymer Clay Color Theory for Beginners

Materials Needed:


 Do You Understand Color?

Polymer Clay Color Theory for Beginners by KatersAcresIn order to help you get a better handle on color and how to use it, I have created this 7 page PDF on all the basic information you need to know to create gorgeous  polymer clay items. Get the Guide here.


Watch the Video Now

 Parker’s Club Members got all 3 supplements as part of their subscription in September 2014!

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2 thoughts on “Fall Festival Polymer Clay Necklace Tutorial

  1. That was a great video – well done!! I love the leaves particularly. One thing you might need to clarify to newbies is that when you put your leaves into the cornstarch, they must not touch each other, or else they will be stuck together. Thank you for starting my day with such a lovely tutorial. 😀

    1. Thanks for the tip Genie! If small portions of the leaves overlap, they generally will not stick and in my experience just fall right apart. However, the thinner the leaves the more this is exactly true that they will stick and not come apart. Thank you for bringing it up.

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