DIY Polymer Clay Chicken Figurine

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DIY Polymer Clay Chicken Figurine by KatersAcres

Cute & Adorable

Spring brings all kinds of fun things, including planting gardens … which for me always brings to mind the farm.  So this week stay tuned to get two awesome, cute, & fun farm animals.  This chicken is super cute, super easy, and you’ll love it so much you will make a whole brood of chickens!  Make them in dozens of colors and sizes and have some fun with this DIY polymer clay chicken figurine.

Materials List


Polymer Clay Chicken Tutorial

 This tutorial was available for 8 years. The offer for this free tutorial has expired. This tutorial is now a worksheet that you can get in our shop. Thank you for being a part of the Kater’s Acres family.

Thank you for being a part of the Kater’s Acres Family, Sculpting Blessings,



4 thoughts on “DIY Polymer Clay Chicken Figurine

  1. I adore all the farm animals, they makes perfect gifts for children to play with, or de or ate their rooms! Thanks for your generousity Katie! ❤️

    1. You’re welcome Anita!

  2. I am so behind on visiting, but this is super adorable! Thanks!

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