Polymer Clay Puffin Tutorial

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PIN NOW, MAKE LATER: Polymer Clay Puffin Tutorial by KatersAcres | Great for fondant, gum paste, clay, & much more!

In honor of the two months of birdie fun we’re having here at KatersAcres, here’s another classic fun figurine that you can make to enjoy yourself!  This DIY polymer clay puffin tutorial is perfect for beginners and advanced artists alike.


  • Polymer Clay in Black, White, Orange, Blue, Red, & Yellow
  • Pasta Machine or Acrylic Brayer
  • Tear Drop Kemper Cutters
  • Your hands
  • Tiny-medium sized beads for eyes
  • Craft Oven to bake your figurine


Use the photography at the right to help you visualize the finished product.  Remember that Puffins are a cold water species


  • PIN NOW, MAKE LATER: Polymer Clay Puffin Tutorial by KatersAcres - Complete Instructions on the Blog | Great for fondant, gum paste, clay, & much more!Using 1/4 bar of black clay: cut the piece into 1/3 and 2/3 piece.
  • Condition & shape the 2/3 size piece of black clay into a teardrop shape for the puffin’s body.
  • Condition & shape the 1/3 piece of black clay into a circle for the puffin’s head.
  • Condition the white clay.
  • Run the clay through the 3rd smallest setting on your pasta machine.
  • Using Kemper Cutters, cut a teardrop & heart shape.
  • Attach the heart shape to your penguin’s head.
  • Attach the teardrop shape to your penguin’s body.
  • Insert a piece of wire or toothpick into the teardrop bottom of your penguin and push the head onto the body with the wire/toothpick in the center to secure.


  • Using about 1/8 block of the remaining black clay, condition, and roll to a medium setting on your pasta machine.
  • Using Kemper cutters, cut two teardrop shapes.
  • Position on the Puffin’s side, next to his white belly.


  • You decide on the size of the beak appropriate for the bird you are making.
  • Roll three small balls of Premo clay: blue, yellow, & red as shown in the photograph.
  • Roll the three balls together to form a snake.
  • Using a “smoosh” action shape the snake back into a triangle shape.
  • Shape the triangle into a gently sloping beak as show in the photograph.
  • Attach to the birds head for his beak.


  • Insert black seed beads or gemstone beads using a needle tool.
  • Make a ball from your orange clay and form into a tear drop (or use Kemper Cutters for the shape).
  • Using a sharp knife or needle tool, make two cuts in the teardrop to form the toes of the Puffin.
  • Attach to the bottom of your puffin and make it cute like he’s “kicking” or something!
  • Make sure to press everything together to hold.

Thanks for joining me today. Sculpt Your Dreams!


Tutorial inspired by: Frances McNaughton

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4 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Puffin Tutorial

  1. Puffins are my most favorite animals of all times! I collect puffin stuff and all my friends and family know of my puffin addiction! I hope to be able to make this cutie…thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cute Puffin Katie!

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