Reasons to Join a Tutorial Club with a Special Offer

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One of the things that I am asked the most often is “why should I join a tutorial club anyway?” In all honesty the answers are as varied as the people who join them are. Today I’m going to give you a few reasons to join a tutorial club; and why you may want to consider joining any kind of a tutorial club (regardless of medium) in the first place.

Reasons to Join a Tutorial Club

The Making of Parker by Katie Oskin of KatersAcresThere are many reasons to join a tutorial club. Depending on your age, position in life, artistic background, artistic goals, life journey and so much more are part of the determining factors why you would want to take the plunge and join a tutorial club. There are all kinds of tutorial clubs in the online world of arts and crafts. There are tutorial clubs for mixed media, painters, potters, polymer clay artists, knitters, jewelry artists, and so many other mediums.

#1 – Never Stop Learning!

KatersAcres Polymer Clay StudioThe main reason any person decides to join any type of creative tutorial club (whether for polymer clay or any other craft medium) is to learn! Read this post here on why we need to push ourselves and continue to grow and learn in our chosen art forms.

#2 – Challenge Accepted!

For many tutorial clubs you will find that the lessons are varied: some lessons are very easy with other challenging your skills (and sometimes testing your patience). This wide variety allows you to have periods of growth and challenge and periods of rest.

Just like building muscle when working out, this builds muscle in terms of your abilities in that medium.

#3 – Grow a New Skill Set

The Year of Discovery at KatersAcresPeople who join tutorial clubs often do so because they want to develop a specific skill set. Often this skill set is one that is new and foreign to them. This skill set may not necessarily be “challenging” but may simply be unfamiliar. Tutorial clubs offer a quick way to get a “jump start” into a new medium without a lot of start up costs, fees, and material expenses.

#4 – Use the Tutorial as a GuideMap

Tutorial Clubs are great because they offer a “guide map.” The tutorials in clubs are meant to be a jumping off point, or a springboard into your own ideas. Sure, you can use the tutorial step-by-step and word-for-word as it is laid out, but you can also use it as a springboard into another project or similar idea. Watch this video here for more on this concept.

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