Steampunk Tutorial: How to Make a Cog or Sprocket

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Steampunk Tutorial: How to Make a Cog from Polymer Clay by KatersAcres | In conjunction with The Friesen Project of 2013


How to Make a Cog or a Sprocket

This project is completely my own. As we have gone on with the project, I have encouraged you to make your own things using Christi’s work as a stepping stone.  This project will encourage you to do the same. Today’s assignment can be found on page 67-73 in Christi’s “Steampunkery” Book.

Many of you may not have the advantage of having cool, funky, steampunkery pieces of cog, sprockets, and large gears lying around. For those of you that do not, here’s a relatively easy cog/sprocket steampunk tutorial you can do yourself!


 …Here’s an example of what you can make with this tutorial…

Parker in a Steampunk Cog Gear by KatersAcres

CLICK ON PARKER to get the tutorial!

Please note, Parker© is a copyrighted character, property of Katie Oskin & Kater’s Acres. Do not copy or use Parker.

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3 thoughts on “Steampunk Tutorial: How to Make a Cog or Sprocket

  1. Thank you for helping me in my new craft, Katie!

    1. You are welcome! Be careful, it’s VERY addicting!

  2. Like the gear!

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