Memorial Day Stars Tutorial from Polymer Clay

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Memorial Day Polymer Clay Stars Tutorial by KatersAcres

This Memorial Day stars tutorial will show you how to make gorgeous and colorful stars to place on dowel rods to use in flower arrangements, stick in bouquets, use in planters, or a myriad of others ways this Memorial Day. These stars take a little bit of patience, but look beautiful in the end. And the reality is that after all our service men and women do for us, we can take a small amount of time and give back, saying “thank you” in just this small way by making something beautiful just to honor them.

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Polymer Clay Patriotic Earrings

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Patriotic Star Earrings, A Polymer Clay Tutorial by KatersAcres

Red, White, & Blue Stars

I don’t often do jewelry tutorials as it truly isn’t my passion. But let’s be honest … Independence Day is a great day to wear your red, white, blue, & stars! So, let’s just put them all together for a little bit of fun, shall we?!

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