Polymer Clay & Pinterest

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Polymer Clay and Pinterest: Do's & Don'ts for Proper Pinning Etiquette

Polymer Clay and Pinterest: Do's & Don'ts for Proper Pinning Etiquette

It’s no secret that for crafters and hobbyists, one of the best places to find tutorials and projects on the internet is Pinterest.  While Pinterest can be a wonderful resource, keep in mind that it is just that, a resource.  I will attempt to weigh-in on some of the more pressing etiquette concerns facing both users and the people who create material for Pinterest.

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Build Your Brand Effectively Through FaceBook

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Get FaceBook Promotions to Work for Your Brand on Etsy

Does FaceBook confuse you? Are you wondering why so few people are seeing your posts? Here’s a few quick tips to help you learn how to leverage Facebook and use it to Build Your Brand.  See what’s holding you back and how to get FaceBook promotions to work for you and boost your edge rank on FaceBook. Continue reading Build Your Brand Effectively Through FaceBook

Should Your Brand Venture into YouTube?

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YouTube Parker Graphic

Build Your Brand YouTube Style

YouTube Parker GraphicIt’s no secret that YouTube is the single largest video hosting site on the entire web.  It gets millions of hits a day.  And like Pinterest, the average user spends 90 minutes a session watching videos!  Today’s question will focus on whether or not you, your store, or your brand should be on YouTube.

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Stop The Hashtag: Leverage Etsy Sales by Learning How to Tweet

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KatersAcres on Twitter

Build Your Brand - Tips for marketing your Etsy store by KatersAcres

Hello? Is this thing on?

Good morning friends.  Are you frustrated, I’m frustrated…with Twitter.  Why? Because your tweets are not helping you. Seriously. Many of you do you not understand how to build a 140 character tweet. Twitter is a juncture to be able to have a conversation with someone. Not spam them with your links and endless hashtags.  Today’s Build Your Brand feature is going to talk about my pet-peeve…pointless Tweets.  If you didn’t read my previous article on how to Tweet, then please do that first.

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New Twitter Profile How-To

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Kater's Acres NEW Twitter Profile Page


Kater's Acres NEW Twitter Profile Page

The big “new” thing last week as the new Twitter profile page.  In this brief twitter tutorial, I will show you how to set up your page & customize your header theme.  There is lots of talk about how this page works and doesn’t work for the majority of Twitter users.  The biggest problem for most users is the annoying black overlay that accompanies the new header designs; for many brands, such as my own, this overlay just does not match the rest of my graphic designs.  Despite this, in a few easy steps, I will show you how to change your Twitter header for all the world to see.



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Social Media Restraint

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[dropcap]Last week I was dumbfounded at the number of social networks that I belonged to.[/dropcap]It wasn’t that this was a problem…or was it? It has been felt widely by the Etsy community that the more social networks you are on, the better! After all, being part of 1 or more social networks does increase your back links and online presence, right? Wrong.

This past week it was pointed out to me how wrong I actually am. I have several friends who are marketing guru’s. The best of the best and the most informed of anyone I know regarding social media. My one friend said to me, “you know you don’t have to be a part of everything, right?” That was it…this one comment changed my social media outlook and life. And here’s why…

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Build Your Brand with Twitter

We have talked in several of our posts regarding your brand about FaceBook.  It seems to me that after following many of you on Twitter & FaceBook that the one thing you are NOT doing is being social.
Social media is called “social media” for a reason.  Social media gives you a reason to interact with another person, it allows you to put a name & personality with your brand image. As I browse through several of your Twitter accounts I see things like this:

You’re probably looking at this thinking: “Gee, that looks familiar…I do that too.”  If this is all you do, you will NEVER get followers and people will not click on your links. Let’s see what you can do to make your tweets effective.

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FaceBook Helps

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Today we are going to talk about Facebook.  Many people are split in how they feel about Facebook.  Some people love it, other people hate it.  This being said, one of the things that we should all have is a facebook fan page…that’s right a facebook fan page.  

Why should you have this?  This gives your store and your “Brand” a place to interact with customers.  It allows you to be different from those other companies…it allows you to be YOU!  It gives you a voice, personality, and reminds your fans and buyers that you are a REAL person, not just some company.  But we know the one thing that you all hate: SPAM.

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Pinterest Tutorial for Success in Your Small Business

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KatersAcres on Pinterest


The Basics of Pinterest Tutorial

Not being spammy, and pinning valid items to you and to your business is important.  If people find you “spammy” they will not follow you…or they will follow you and quickly “unfollow” you.  This is true of all social media sites, from Flickr, FaceBook, Twitter, and many more.

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