Week 25: Polymer Clay Challenge

Posted on June 25, 2015 in Polymer Clay Challenge, Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie Oskin

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge, Week 25 by KatersAcres | #2015PCChallenge

Week 25

My 2015 polymer clay challenge was to create (at least) one polymer clay dragon & one new Parker a week. You can read my personal challenge here. Each participant is encouraged to challenge themselves to something they want to do. Let’s see what this week brought me…

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Meet Sunshine

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge, Week 25 by KatersAcres | #2015PCChallengeSunshine is a bright, fun, & happy dragon who keeps her home in the Magical Forest. She loves to come out and play in the summer. She always has some kind of a joke to tell Parker and you can hear her laughing all the way at Parker’s house (Parker always wondered what that sound was)! Before Parker left Sunshine for the day he kissed her on the forehead, where her new Parker spot appears.

She’s a perfectly petite little dragon who stands about 2″ tall. She has been made from a custom marble blend of yellow & pearl clays.

Adopt Sunshine Here

Components Used: Hand-blended Custom Color Premo! Polymer ClayBlack Glass eBeadsMica PowdersBlending ChalksAcrylic PaintSwarovski Hot Fix Crystal

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Christina Fay
June 27, 2015

Hi Katie,
I just started my journey in polymer clay, I have only made a few simple round and oval beads and one pendant that will probably fall apart after I bake it, or them, ha ha. I have been making jewelry for a few years now, it started out as therapy and I love it, but as soon as I started I knew that I wanted to soon start making my own beads and pendants – so here I am; I feel like the little girl who first played with clay in the nineteen-sixties. I saw some of your videos with Bsue and you inspire me as well as Lisa Pavelka, I have her book you mentioned in the video, I also love Christi and Bsue and watch their videos as well. I joined the challenge to learn and for inspiration but this little “Sunshine” you made, so tiny and perfect is, I must say pretty intimidating. She’s adorable! Anyway, thanks for your help, I am learning and hope to tackle your reverse cane soon.
Fondly, Chris

June 29, 2015

Thanks for stopping by Chris, I’m glad to have you. I’m honored to be a source of your inspiration! Sunshine is a happy little dragon, I’m so glad you love her. Let me know how your reverse cane goes! ~Katie


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