Build Your Brand: Craft Show Promotion

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Build Your Brand Craft Show Series - Promotion Helps to Get You More Sales by KatersAcres

Build Your Brand Craft Show Series - Promotion Helps to Get You More Sales by KatersAcres

As a general rule of thumb, most craft shows have their own type of promotion. However, this does not negate the fact that your customers need to know that you are doing a show. There are several simple ways that you can help advertise the craft show that you will be participating in. Your show can only be a success if you take partial responsibility for craft show promotion.

Here’s one of the most basic and often overlooked tips:

Often when you sign up for a craft show included in your packet of sign-up materials, are display fliers. Don’t let these fliers go to waste. Display these fliers throughout your store, local places of work, or other relevant places, even your corner grocery store.

Don’t Overlook Your Social Media:

Make sure you remind your fans your customer base through social media that you will be doing a craft show. Make sure you tell them when, where, if it is for a cause (like cancer fund raising, etc), and also be sure to give an address and time. Another thing that you want to include as you advertise the craft show, is if there is a charge for admission.  When possible, do not send out the reminders to your social media base on just on the day of the event, but several times before, even up to two months before the event. When possible be sure to promote the event several weeks before. As a bonus, offer your fans and customers a discount if they mention a certain coupon code if they come and show up at your craft show.

Remember that Not EVERYONE Uses Social Media:

Another way to advertise your craft show, is to take out ads in your local Free Press, newspaper, city paper, or local bulletin. This is a quick and easy way to tell your customers and your fans when you will be appearing in the area and when your retail and handmade goods will be for sale. There are also websites that you can advertise your sales & craft shop online.  Another easy way to get pressed for your craft show if you have a bigger customer base, is to do a sponsored ad for your local radio station. Yes you heard me, your local radio station. Radio your stations are not dead, people still listen to the radio.

Don’t Forget Word of Mouth:

If you teach classes in your studio, be sure that your students know when and where the craft show is that you’re participating in. Also, if your items are in a brick and mortar store, be sure that your items appear with a sign of when you can be seen and found locally. And last but not least, if your items are in a consignment store, be sure to ask the owner of the store if you can place the flyer for the craft show on the store door. Worst case you may be able to place a little notice next to your order in the consignment store that says when and where a buyer can meet the artist.

When You Are the Host:

If you are hosting or sponsoring the craft show your self, the responsibility for craft show promotion rests on your shoulders. In this case, it is very important for all of the people who are taking table space and for those who are seeking to sell their handmade goods, that you take very seriously the responsibility of promoting.  Not only is it your responsibility to make flyers and send them to all of your vendors, but also to go around the local community where the craft show will be in place fuck flyers in local post offices libraries grocery stores and any other local buildings and allow you to paste place advertisements.  Again, do not forget the value of the Free Press, radio, online marketing, and even seeking out the help of family and friends to spread the word.
Ultimately, the job of promoting the craft show lies with the sponsor or host of the craft show. However, this does not mean that you should not do your part to get your customers, fan base, clients, and new prospective buyers to generate interest in your local craft show. If you take the time to do your part, your sales will be much better and you will see a greater success overall.

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