Easy Watermarking App for Your Etsy Photos

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Watermark Your Photos for Etsy

Still figuring out how to add that splendid little “watermark” on your photos to help identify them as yours and establish your branding across multiple venues, including Etsy, Facebook, & Pinterest?  Are you opening up photo shop, messing with vector images and trying to get it to look just right and taking at least 5 minutes a picture to do it?  Don’t struggle with this anymore.  I’m going to introduce you to an awesome application for your computer that will quickly, easily, and seamlessly allow you to watermark your photos and send them directly to iPhoto.  How long does it take?  About 1 minute.  Sound easy? It is using this great watermark app.

Introducing Impression

Impression Screen ShotSo, I bet you are REALLY curious what this super easy watermark application is … it’s called “Impression.”  I honestly do not know if this application will work on an IBM.  I am an Apple user and devotee and do not even have an IBM in the house to check and see if this application is available on an IBM platform … so I’ll let you do this, okay.  Thanks – let me know in the comments below please!

The Nuts & Bolts

Impression Tutorial PhotosI really do love this watermark app.  The reason that I love this application is because I uploaded my watermark vector files and then with the click of a button I can add, subtract, move, and resize that little vector graphic.  It is awesome!  You can see at the right that I have shown the simple steps that you can take to add a quick and easy watermark to your photos.  You can see that I have already pre-programmed several different watermarks and styles in the app itself.  This allows me to very quickly and easily (again with the click of my mouse) to add a watermark, resize it, and move it around.

This application will also allow writing and editing right on the photo with adjustments to opacity, color, and size.  I rarely use these features, but they are available if you would like to use them.

The Mixed Reviews

First let me tell you that this is NOT a free application.  It is a paid application.  Let me also say that this app currently has only 3 stars, as you can see above.  People have mistakenly bought this app believing that it is a plug-in for either the iPhoto or Aperture software.  This is a separate app.  It runs on its own, but allows easy import to either iPhoto or Aperture.  This being said, you are getting exactly what this application says you will get; no hidden surprises and no stellar guarantees … remember to look at the photo above to see how easy this is.  If you do choose to purchase this application, let me know what you think of it!

Thanks for joining me today. Join me next week to Build Your Brand on Etsy & experience success.

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