Tagging Your Items

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Etsy Tagging Tips by KatersAcres - Build Your Brand Series on katersacres.com

How To Choose Your Etsy Tags

Every single selling struggles with one very big thing: tags.  Most sellers on Etsy have a love/hate relationship with tags.  Some days they love them and some days they hate them and other days they just wish they could get insight into using better tags.  So how do you tag your items to get found in search results?  Here’s a brief how-to to spice up your tags and get your items found.

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Details Make a Difference

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Details Matter - Build Your Brand Series by KatersAcres

Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Details Matter - Stand Out Against the Crowd - Build Your Brand Series by KatersAcres

Most people who are selling on Etsy, just want to do one thing: stand out amongst the crowd. Let’s do an experiment.  I want you to type these search words into Etsy and see what you get: “knitted scarf“, “polymer clay figurine“, and “fabric coaster.”  Here’s what you should have found 37,725 items for “knitted scarf”, 4,064 items for “polymer clay figurine”, and 3,204 items for “fabric coaster.”  What’s the thing in common with these, there are literally thousands of items to sort through to get your item found.  These next few tips are going to show you how to add details in order to get found, stand out amongst the crowd, and experience Etsy success!

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Daily Etsy Strategy

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Etsy Strategy: Daily Etsy Plan for Success by KatersAcres

Easy Tips for Your Success on Etsy

Etsy Strategy: Daily Etsy Plan for Success by KatersAcres

I often have people ask me, “how do you get it all done?”  Well, there are a few easy answers to that and a few hard answers to that.  This week on our FaceBook page, we entertained the discussion amongst our fans, asking them how they got it all done. Some of the answers were just plain cute.

But seriously…how do you balance creating for your store, promoting your items, keeping up with social media, and still have time to put your feet up at the end of the day?  You need an Etsy strategy that is simple, straight forward, & easy to follow.  Today I’m going to share with you the things that I do to help me.  Please know these tips may not work for everyone, but they do work for me.

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Etsy Relist Maniac

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I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it.  We’re in a hurry and what do we do? We sit staring at our expired Etsy items and in a hurry click relist.  Bad, bad, bad.  Shame on you! Here’s the why you should not be arbitrarily clicking relist anymore.

Don't just hit 'relist' - Build Your Brand & think before you take action.

Are You a Etsy Relist Maniac?

It’s easy to do and it’s easy to fall into that habit.  But I’m begging you, for the sake of your business – stop doing that right now.  This is truly one of the worst mistakes & habits you can get into on Etsy.  We have talked about this before in our Build Your Brand, but we’ve never talked about it step by step and explained why you need to do this. Continue reading Etsy Relist Maniac

30 Minute Plan for Your Etsy Shop

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30 Minute Etsy Plan by KatersAcres

30 Minute Etsy Plan by KatersAcresSpend 30 Minutes or Less on Etsy a Day & Still Succeed:

I have several friends on Etsy right now who have been struggling with time management and getting everything done in their Etsy store. Running at Etsy store can be a time-consuming, all-day job if you let it.  Even Etsy is aware of this as their forum this month is teaching you how to be more productive with that time.  Several of the tips Etsy is giving you I have already posted about on my blog in our Build Your Brand Series. But it’s summer and it’s time for you to have a break! Besides, with the notoriously slow retail shopping season that peaks in July and ramps up toward September again, there are much better things you should be doing with your time. In today’s Build Your Brand series, we are going to talk about how to get the basics done in just 30 minutes a day…no more and no less!

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Social Media Restraint

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It wasn’t that this was a problem…or was it? It has been felt widely by the Etsy community that the more social networks you are on, the better! After all, being part of 1 or more social networks does increase your back links and online presence, right? Wrong.

Last week I was dumbfounded at the number of social networks that I belonged to.

Katie Oskin, Kater’s Acres

This past week it was pointed out to me how wrong I actually am. I have several friends who are marketing gurus. The best of the best and the most informed of anyone I know regarding social media. My one friend said to me, “you know you don’t have to be a part of everything, right?” That was it…this one comment changed my social media outlook and life. And here’s why…

We often feel that because there is a new social media platform out there that we instantly have to jump on the bandwagon and get started on that platform. Even I felt the pressure! Always trying to get in on the new “in” social media tool.  Here’s the sad truth…there are far too many for you ever to be able to keep up with them. Social media is about establishing confidence in your brand.

Isn’t it far better to be a big presence on a few sites than to be an almost invisible presence on lots of sites? Look at it this way: social media is about reaching people, forgive me, but there is no way that you are reaching people on 200 networks. Why? You’re not on those networks long enough to establish a solid presence and build your brand. It’s great that you can do 200 networks…but the reality is that in order to establish a following base, people want to see you active. If you haven’t tweeted in 2 months but have 2000 followers, what good is that doing for your Etsy store?

Please know that I am not a social media guru like my friends are…however this being said, here’s what I can tell you…I was drained, tired, and out of energy. I was burning myself out trying to “fit in” and find my “niche” on every social media platform. As I perused Wanelo this past week and looked at my paltry and horrible page, I had a fleeting thought…I hate this site. Why am I even using it? Good question Katie, good question. I couldn’t figure it out. Wanelo is Pinterest, but without the user-friendliness and might I add no way to delete your account (to which I was sent an email from customer support saying you cannot currently unsubscribe, but I will be put on a list when that option will be made available). ARG! Why did I join this platform…oh yes, that’s right because I thought it would help me promote and reach people…WRONG! All it did was make me feel like I had one more place to compete, one more network to build, and one more thing to do to reach out.  But here’s the bottom line…why? And to what end? I have a very strong following on Pinterest, and medium followings on both FaceBook and Twitter.  So why did I feel the need to stretch myself so thin?

The secret is simple: if it’s worth doing, you better do it well.

So you know what I did? I gave up.  And you can too! You do not have to be on every social media network known to the internet. There may be one thousand social media outlets today, another 10,000 tomorrow, and ten million in a year. The point is, you need to keep a small enough focus that you are in fact reaching people, having conversations with people (remember that we are talking about social media here), and being able to keep up with your primary job: owning, running, and creating for your own Etsy store. As for me and my business, for now, we’ll keep with the same 2 we’ve had for many years (Facebook & Twitter) and keep Pinterest as well. This assumes that the center of your social media efforts stems from your blog and does not count as one of the social media “tools.” (We’ll talk about blogging in the future Build Your Brand article.) This doesn’t mean that I don’t see or find value in any of the others, it’s just that this is what works for me and for my Etsy business…different social media options and venues may work for yours.

Stick to 2-3 social media platforms.

The next time someone tells you, “Hey this is a really cool site you need to be on…” Wait, hold on, and see if it has potential first. If the site features mostly fashion and you sell vintage housewares, why would you want to join the site? Remember, the key to using social media is to make it work for you and for your Etsy store. If you are not making it work for you, then what is the point of wasting your time? If you find that the site has potential value to you and to your Etsy store, then see if you can still squeeze that platform into your work day, without dropping the ball on other social media ventures, hurting the reputation of your Etsy store, or getting yourself so bombarded with social media that you lose the will to create, list, and sell on Etsy. Social media will take over your life if you let it…my advice, is don’t let it. Pick 3 you like and do well on and stick with them.

Join us next time for our Build Your Brand series, focusing on helping you grow your Etsy store smartly, easily, & efficiently.

Thanks for joining me today. Join me next week to Build Your Brand on Etsy & experience success.


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Build Your Brand with Twitter

We have talked in several of our posts regarding your brand about FaceBook.  It seems to me that after following many of you on Twitter & FaceBook that the one thing you are NOT doing is being social.
Social media is called “social media” for a reason.  Social media gives you a reason to interact with another person, it allows you to put a name & personality with your brand image. As I browse through several of your Twitter accounts I see things like this:

You’re probably looking at this thinking: “Gee, that looks familiar…I do that too.”  If this is all you do, you will NEVER get followers and people will not click on your links. Let’s see what you can do to make your tweets effective.

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Getting Ready For A Craft Show

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Build Your Brand Craft Show Series - So You Want to Do a Craft Show
Getting ready for a craft show shouldn’t be a last-minute deal. Getting ready for a craft show requires preparation, even up to a year in advance for the better and bigger shows. After doing Craft Shows for over six years now, I have some tips and some pointers that newbie crafters (or even craft show pros) may find helpful.  I’m writing this in timeline form so that it is easy to follow.

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