2018 Scholarship to the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials Club – Applications are CLOSED

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Whimsical Sculpting Tutorial Club 2018 Scholarship WINNERS

It is my truest belief that art in and of itself is healing. I also know that not everyone can afford to pay for art classes. Because I believe so strongly in art’s ability to heal our mind and our heart, I am offering a 2018 Scholarship to the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials Club. The details on how you enter to be chosen are below.

Katie Oskin of Kater's AcresNot everyone wants to be a sculptor. Sculpting is hard work. It’s not instant gratification. Pendants and beads can be whipped up rather quickly, but sculpting takes much more time, energy, and effort. It also includes a knowledge of balance, proportion, and understanding armatures and under-sculpts, plus a whole lot more!

I am not a realistic sculptor and I don’t teach realism, but I do teach whimsy which incorporates it’s own set of ideas and rules. If you’d like to learn how to sculpt whimsical characters and creations this year and apply for our scholarship program, everything you need to know is below.


Whimsical Sculpting Tutorial Club 2018 Scholarship WINNERS2018 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS ANNOUNCED:

When I chose to offer a 2018 scholarship for the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorial Club, I chose to do it to benefit people who may otherwise not be able to afford the Club otherwise. There was truly an overwhelming response to the offer. I had a very difficult time narrowing down my choices. While I am not able to give away scholarships to everyone that applied, I certainly believe in generosity and that generosity begets generosity. This year I chose an unprecedented six clay artists to receive this scholarship. These artists  were chosen for specific reasons but all were in need of financial assistance. Other considerations were given to those who had profound generosity in giving and donating to other causes and organizations above & beyond themself, those who live in countries where access to supplies, materials, and crafting resources are scarce at best, very strict financial limitations, health &/or mental disabilities, and a wide variety of other reasons as well.

The winners for the 2018 scholarship are:

  • Mary Peters
  • Hawk Lame
  • Tom Gibson
  • Lisa Blatcher
  • Susan Francesconi
  • Sabrina Moores

Want to join this fabulous group of people? Now through the remainder of the year, you can join the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorial Club for only $99 for the entire year! You have to hurry though, the offer will expire on the 31st of December.

Thanks for joining me today,

Sculpt your dreams,




4 thoughts on “2018 Scholarship to the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials Club – Applications are CLOSED

  1. Hi katie! I just can’t thank you enough for the scholarship you gave me. It means a lot to me and I will certainly pay it forward in one way or another. You re such a sweet person and I love your art and your sweet little people so much, and they always manage to put a smile on my face, so I know this is going to be so much fun! God Bless!

  2. Hi Katie
    I have been working with clay for more than 6 months. I have tried play dough, Plasticine, made earthen clay from my backyard soil and extracted fine clay. I like to work with polymer clay and earthen clay. earthen clay I can make objects line pots, vase, plates, leaves. I have used coiling method to make fruit pot. Still working on pottery wheel but I need more practice. Polymer clay with different colours I have made green leaf, simple multiple petal (2 rows) flowers. I am trying paper mache for masks but have not got good hand yet. I am still getting training from professional artist and my pot is still wet and after school holidays I will work on glazing it. I have not got pictures at moment. I would love to e part of this scholarship program for 2018.
    Thanks and kind regards


  3. I can afford tuition for classes. I know many cannot. Thank you for making this scholarship available for others. I have not tried sculpting yet, but plan to do so this new year. I know that I will be able to get great teaching from you and plan to be one of your students in the near future. Thanks again for making this available for others, Katie. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Janise – I so appreciate them and the time it took you to say so. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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