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Do you love adopting Kater’s Acres art, purchasing tutorials, or tools & supplies? Now you get rewarded to do all those things!

I’m so thankful for each of you my customers, friends, clients, and cheerleaders. I couldn’t do the art that I love without you. I love giving back to you and rewarding you. For quite some time you have been receiving coupons with almost every single purchase you make here on the site. But now I’m going one step further and rewarding you with fantastic benefits as a way of saying “thank you” once again for all that you do to inspire me, push me, and encourage me along the way.

How Do I Earn Points

All you have to do is shop! That’s right.

  • For every dollar you spend you will get one point.
  • Some items in the shop are worth more than one point per dollar, some are even worth triple points, like Club Memberships.
  • Sign up for an account here on the site and automatically get 50 free points.
  • Write a review for a product or tutorial and automatically get 100 free points.

How Do I Spend My Points

  • Points are redeemable at the 50 point mark.
  • 100 points = $5.00
  • You can spend up to 100 points on a single item ($5.00).
  • If you have a multi-item order you can spend up to 300 points ($15.00).
  • You have 24 months from date of purchase to use your points.
  • Not all items in the shop can have points applied for redemption.

Check your Points in MY ACCOUNT any time.

This program ended Dec. 31st, 2021

5 thoughts on “Earn Points, Get Rewards

  1. I can’t figure out how to check my points. Where should I be looking for my current points total? Also, how do I leave a product review? Thanks!

    1. Hi Anne, Thanks for asking. There was an announcement made toward the end of last year, the Points System was discontinued, along with a few other things like the Club Membership program. I will link the post below.

    2. Anne – To leave a review, go to the product you purchased. Near the middle of the page you will see a section of tabs near the left. One of those tabs says “Reviews.” Click on it and leave your review. That’s it!

  2. Katie, it’s been awhile since I felt like working with Clay, but I’m going try to get back I to it. Problem, I can’t get into my tutorials as I can’t retrieve my password. I’ve tried the password retrieve but never get an email with a link. Please help, thank you , Georgia Kelly

    1. Hi Georgia – Accounts go inactive if you haven’t been here for a long time. I will reactivate your account and resend your orders to you. 🙂

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