First Grade

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Parker's Big Secret at Kater's Acres

Well…it’s time to unleash a secret I’ve been holding onto for quite some time.  Are you ready to hear it?  It’s big and it’s exciting!

Parker Goes to School by Abigail

Parker Goes to School

I’m not talking about just any school, or some imaginary school.  I’m talking about a real classroom with real kids and a real teacher.  That’s right Parker went to first grade in Mrs. Charlene Howell’s classroom.

Mrs. Howell is using Parker as a motivational tool and basis of inspiration for teaching her first graders how to write.  That’s correct, Parker is helping with first grade writing! It’s still new in the school year, but the students are already writing very well.

The Assignment: In Mrs. Howell’s Own Words

“I introduced my class to Parker today. I told them that he really wanted to come to first grade, so he was sent to make us smile. They (the children) really were all smiles and thought he was so cute. I told them to write what they thought Parker would do in first grade.  I didn’t have my camera ready when I introduced him to the class. I wish you could have seen their faces…”

Parker Goes to School on Kater's Acres BlogTheir Stories

I love how every child had a different story for Parker.  And here’s what I found out.  Parker is a normal kid, just like they are! He does to same things, has the same friends, and wants to learn, play, and explore.  Click here to see more of Mrs. Howell’s class assignments.

What’s Next

Parker will be writing to the children periodically to tell them about his adventures and what he has found recently.  I can’t wait to see what the children will do with Parker and where they will take him.  He’s going to have a GREAT time in first grade, I just know it!

Are you a teacher? Do you want to have Parker visit your classroom? Use the Contact Us page to get in touch with me and find out what all Parker can do for you.

9 thoughts on “First Grade

  1. Katie,
    This is absolutely AWESOME!! First graders are so cute and what an awesome way to bring out their creativity by sending Parker to school
    I bet Parker is happy to be there (adults often forget to smile, and Parker is typically all smiles)
    I had to tear myself away from your Flickr page reading the 1st grade Parker essays. Too cute!!

    1. Thank you Leah! That means SO MUCH coming from you. I love that you are so enthusiastic about Parker’s where-abouts and happenings. *Hugs*

  2. What a great idea! Not sure who will enjoy this adventure the most! Parker or the kids!

  3. The kids are very excited! I can’t wait to see what all they write about this year! Thanks for sharing Parker with us!

    1. You are very welcome Charlene! I can’t wait to see their stories. Parker is writing them a letter tomorrow. Hopefully he will mail it by the end of the week.

  4. The stories and drawings are so adorable!

  5. How darling and what a great idea. Between Parker and Clever Mrs. Howell, this class of First Graders will have many fun and loving adventures this year.

    It’s a win, win situation.

  6. Well, I am sure Parker will love his class in Mrs Howell classroom.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Biji! I love that it is helping the students. I can’t wait to see what adventures they will take Parker on.

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