Christmas Ornament & Twinchie Swap

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Ornament and Twinchie Swap by KatersAcres

Christmas Ornament & Twinchie Swap

I participate in some polymer clay groups on FaceBook. Some of those groups I am very active in and check in regularly. Other groups, I sit quietly, check the feed, and check back out. One group that I thoroughly enjoy participating in is the International Polymer Clay Swaps Group. I have participated in swaps several different times.

Twinchie Swap

Parker Twinchies set by KatersAcresIt is standard with each swap that we send a polymer clay “twinchie.” This summer I made an entire themed set of twinchies. All four have now received new homes and it will be time to make a new twinchie set and place tiny mini Parker’s in them as well. My swap partner Michelle Teare received the twinchie on the far left.

Ornament and Twinchie Swap by KatersAcres

Ornament Swap

Ornament & Twinchie Swap Items by Michelle Teare
Artist: Michelle Teare

For this swap we were each supposed to make an ornament of our choosing for our partner. Well … as usual, I could NOT decide what to make for my partner, so I sent Michelle several different ornaments to make her smile. Their picture can be seen above. I included for her a Parker holding a jumbo snowflake, a polymer clay Owl from the Friesen Project, a chubby Christmas ornament, & a twinchie.

I was sent the most adorable little bird on a branch, as well as a matching Twinchie made by my swap partner, Michelle Teare. What I thought was really neat is that Michelle made a bullseye cane and then cut pieces of it to look like the branch. Not only was it a great idea, but it is cute too! Thank you Michelle for these great items! I have added them to my collection.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,
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