WIP Wednesday – Happy New Year!

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WIP Wednesday in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio | Links to Polymer Clay Tutorials, Products, Color Recipes & More

There’s been so much going on the past several weeks. I have broken up the jumbo picture above into segments to help show you what I’m doing and what I’m working on. Hopefully it will help you navigate better.

Upper Left

  • WIP Wednesday in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio | Links to Polymer Clay Tutorials, Products, Color Recipes & MoreThese cute little “critters” as I call them, were made for my friends children. They will get them this next week.
  • This Menahune tribal figurine was a gift I made for my Dad for Christmas. You can see a previous tribal Menahune mask I made here.
  • That pretty little box? It’s the packaging for my 34 Tutorial Bundle. Several bundles have been sold already. I only have a limited number of them, so be sure to get yours while they are still available.
  • I made gifts for my Sunday School students this year. Those gifts included a bunch of pressed snowflake artifact ornaments. The ones shown here are after baking but before they have been sanded, painted, & added metallic accents. The tutorial for them is here.
  • One of my newest colors and one I’m gravitating to (and making a lot) is the Sparkling Berry.
  • More of the pressed Snowflake ornaments before they had their ribbons added, but after sanding, painting, & varnish. Get the artifact tutorial here.

Lower Left

  • WIP Wednesday in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio | Links to Polymer Clay Tutorials, Products, Color Recipes & MoreWhile on Christmas break I hit up my favorite section of the craft store … the polymer clay aisle. This sale is now over, but when I run onto these sales, I always post them to my Instagram. Be sure to follow me here.
  • I had a TON of Christmas orders this year. Here’s just two of the boxes that left my house in December.
  • My most popular seller was the Breast Cancer Pink Pickle ornament. I sold over two dozen of these this year. You will have to wait until next September to order them off Etsy. Or if you want one before that, just send me an email.
  • I was sick over New Years, so my Mom made me a little fuzzy stuffed Parker! Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Keep your eyes peeled because a few of these may end up in my Etsy store.
  • This light switch plate I made & gave to our Music Director at our church. She played the Organ & Piano for our 5 year Wedding Vow Renewal this year. So … I made this for her piano room at her home.
  • One of the many Parker StoryBook Scene’s to leave my house. They all get wrapped up in little boxes before they are mailed.
  • This week’s current WIP is this little posable dragon … or at least it will be a dragon. You can make a similar dragon from my Posable Chinese Dragon tutorial.

Right-hand Side

  • WIP Wednesday in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio | Links to Polymer Clay Tutorials, Products, Color Recipes & MoreThis posable Moose was a gift I made for my Mom for Christmas. She collects moose and has been after one whose arms & legs move. You can make this moose with a few simple tweaks using my Chris-Moose tutorial.
  • This new color palette, Winter Blooms, I played around with at the end of December. The three colors it contains are spruce, sparkling marsala, & sparkling berry. I released a tutorial on how to make the individual colors to make the palette here.
  • Over Christmas break, I hit up a few craft stores and bought just a few bricks of clay … okay, so I may have purchased about 30 bars … but who’s counting now, really.
  • My Christmas present from Parker is this mighty hard worker, the NeverKnead! Full review on it coming soon!
  • Try to get in gear for 2015 with the newest Pantone color, Marsala. Here’s just one of my versions, Sparkling Marsala. Get the color recipe here.
  • This adorable little Mickey Mouse themed pants sink was a gift from my Mom & Dad from one of their trips to Disney World. It looks pretty good holding my molds, doesn’t it?
  • Parker’s Clayful Tutorial members received this Fluffy Sheep tutorial on Monday. Get the tutorial here. Or even better, join the Club & get this tutorial and a second tutorial this month too!
  • This color recipe for polymer clay I have been gravitating to a lot recently, especially in making my leaves. This color I call “Spruce.” The recipe to make it yourself is available here.

Polymer Clay Weekly Inspiration

One of the things going around the polymer clay community right now is called the #PolymerArtChallenge. This initiative was started by Donna Greenberg. I was challenged first by Ginger from The Blue Bottle Tree, thank you to the others of you who have also challenged me. You can see my posts on either my Kater’s Acres page or my Artist Page on FaceBook.


For five days the nominated artist shows one of her/his pieces and also nominates another artists who is supposed to do the same. Please use the tag #PolymerArtChallenge so your work can be easily found.

Polymer Inspiration for the Week:

Christi Friesen Walking Pod This week’s polymer clay inspiration comes from the FaceBook #PolymerArtChallenge, a gorgeous & unique piece from Christi Friesen.

Here’s what Christi says about her piece: “So this piece is a new one I created as part of the Polymer online retreat that just started. I had been playing with the idea of “walking pods” for a little while now and just love the idea. I’ve been inspired by several art pieces in my collection made from wood and metal that are boxes with lovely legs. I wanted to explore the idea of a pod-shaped container (this can hold water and a flower) with legs… and then well, the Dr. Seuss part of my brain kicked in and decided that the legs shouldn’t just stand there doing nothing… sneaky vessels = more better.”

Christi is teaching how to make a piece like this for the Polymer Clay Adventure, Virtual Retreat.

View the Work of Awesome Polymer Arts by clicking HERE to see them all on FaceBook.

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Want to be an artist of inspiration for the week?

Every week I choose 1-2 artists whose work has caught my eye during the week. How do you catch my eye? It’s simple … use social media. Here’s a few easy ways to catch my attention: become part of FaceBook groups I am also on, showcase your work on your FaceBook page, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, or even tag me @KatersAcres in your photos on FaceBook.

What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!


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