WIP Wednesday: New Puppy Means No Work Gets Done

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WIP Wednesday in Kater's Acres Polymer Clay Studio | New Puppy = No Work Gets Done

WIP Wednesday

What’s Going on In My Polymer Clay Studio

Well, here we are writing my WIP Wednesday post on a THURSDAY. Why? Great question. Well … it’s because of my NEW Studio Assistant, Mocha.

WIP Wednesday in Kater's Acres Polymer Clay Studio | New Puppy = No Work Gets Done

She’s a loving and wonderful little girl. But she’s 8 weeks old and requires lots of care & attention. I’m trying very hard to housebreak her and so far we have now gone 24 hours without an accident in the house. We’re doing GREAT and I hope to have her housebroken in record time (2 weeks max). This takes so much work & diligence on my part, that I haven’t gotten much done in my studio. I’m hopeful to get at least her nap time to work down there today.

So, what have I been doing? I’ve been working in small increments and haven’t had time to even take pictures because of my puppy. That being said I’ve been working on a LOT of things that have gone unphotographed. So here’s a listing of them with just a few photos…

  • I’ve caught up on a little light reading during puppy “recess” as we’ve come to call it. This time around I’ve been working my way through the latest edition of Polymer Café magazine.
  • I’ve also been making new flower canes for some upcoming Parker releases. Of course one of my favorites is my Reversible Petal Cane.
  • I’ve been experimenting and working on new color palettes and color recipes for you as well.
  • I’ve been working on my items for the 2015 PC Challenge and so far I haven’t missed a week, despite vacation and everything. WOOT!
  • I also took time out last week to shoot a live video tutorial with Brenda Landowne of B’Sue Boutiques showing you how to make my Pillow Heart Pendants.
  • I’m teaching an upcoming live classes in May & have been busy making and working to that end. Details to come later.
  • I have two big projects for Polyform in the works right now, you’ll be able to see them in a few months as well.

Polymer Clay Inspiration:

I have TWO choices for your polymer clay inspiration this week. Both from artist’s that you have seen before.

The first is the fabulous Wendy Jorre de St Jorre. The fabulous cane maker extraordinaire has made some adorable little fish that have cute little faces and personalities bigger than they are! What cuties.



The second piece for inspiration is from Robots Are Awesome … because, well … don’t these brooches just make you smile?!


Weekly TidBits & Fun:

  • Valentine's Day Dinner for My Hubby & Me | KatersAcres WIP Wednesday TidBitsFor Valentine’s Day, my hubby & I had a great home cooked meal. I made steak for him (I don’t care for steak) and brussel sprouts for me. We were both happy.
  • We picked up our baby girl, Mocha Latte, on Monday and life hasn’t been the same (in a good way).
  • I’m feeling very blessed by life, my husband, & all the good things God is giving me lately.

Want to be an artist of inspiration for the week?

Every week I choose 1-2 artists whose work has caught my eye during the week. How do you catch my eye? It’s simple … use social media. Here’s a few easy ways to catch my attention: become part of FaceBook groups I am also on, showcase your work on your FaceBook page, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, or even tag me @KatersAcres in your photos on FaceBook.

What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!



2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: New Puppy Means No Work Gets Done

  1. LOL Have fun with your new puppy. Puppies are wonderful. Don’t forget that she won’t actually be able to “hold it” for any length of time until she’s 6 months old. But, you are doing better than I did with house training!!

    Love your stuff – see it all the time on Pinterest. Just signed up for your newsletter.

    1. Thanks for the reminders Robin. We are doing REALLY well and she’s a precious little gem.

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