Finding Inspiration & Fighting Burnout Through It

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Polymer Clay Creative Tip 4 - Where to Start by KatersAcres

Finding Polymer Clay Inspiration

I have previously blogged about where to start in your polymer clay studio. You can read the article here. We’re going to revisit this topic today by talking about burnout & where to find polymer clay inspiration.

Get Something New

Polymer Clay Play with KatersAcresOne of the greatest ways to help & accommodate burnout is to face it head on. It’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to be burned out. It’s NOT okay to remain there. So … how do you break out of that cycle? There are very many ways you can do this to help find polymer clay inspiration.

I received a recent letter from a subscriber asking how I break out of the bleakness of a long winter. Last year I did this by starting my yearly batch of flowers & reversible canes for necklaces and pendants for the 2014 craft show season.

One of the ways that I try to break out of it is by purchasing a new tutorial, getting a new polymer clay book or trying my hand at something I’ve never done before. Here’s a recent sample of some of my play from a tutorial, StarDust Swirls, I purchased on Etsy from Klio Tsaliki of 1000and1. Don’t wish to purchase a tutorial? I have over 200 FREE tutorials right here on the website, feel free to try one of them to break out of your burnout.

Don’t forget that during this season of burnout that you need to challenge yourself. If you usually make large pieces, try your hand at a miniature. Used to making jewelry, try making a sculpture. If you usually work in a monochromatic color palette, choose 4-5 colors and challenge yourself to use ALL those colors in one piece. Or like me if you usually sculpt, try some jewelry pieces.

Here’s my best suggestion however … keep claying!

Burnout is the absolute hardest to get out of when you stop claying all together. Very few people when stopping their art all together can return from burnout. Just keep claying. Every day or every week, challenge yourself. If you are struggling with this facet of claying, feel free to join us for the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.
Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration & Fighting Burnout Through It

  1. Excellent article. This is what the PCChallenge is doing for me.

  2. So well written, thanks for the post. It’s exactly what I am doing this year by joining PCChallenge. It’s so easy to stop and never start claying again. I totally agree that one just has to keep claying.

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