WIP Wednesday: Polymer Community Wrap Up

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WIP Wednesdays in Kater's Acres Polymer Clay Studio

… Let’s do something completely different today …

This is a completely different WIP Wednesday … why … well because I can’t show you what I’ve made this past week.

Why Can’t I Show You?

Katie Oskin in KatersAcres StudioWhile I would LOVE to show you what I’ve been up to, I just can’t. So instead, I will just a picture of myself IN my studio … see … I’ve been working!

Why can’t I show you? Well, because all of the things that I made this past week are Christmas gifts for customers, fans, friends, & even family Christmas presents. Why can’t I show you? Well because many of those beloved people come onto my blog just to say “hi,” poke around, or say “hey make me one of those.” This being said … I can’t show you. But rather than leave you without anything on this WIP Wednesday I will show you what’s going on around the world of some of the polymer clay people I love & cherish!

 Polymer Clay Tutorials You Need or May Have Missed

  • Last year I did an entire review on Ginger Davis Allman’s, Holo Effect Tutorial. (Read the review here). In case you haven’t purchased it yet (which you really do need to), now is your chance. Right now Ginger is giving away a FREE Bonus Ornament Tutorial with every purchase of her Holo Effects Tutorial. So what are you waiting for? Hurry on over there and buy it!
  • Have you ever wanted to make a polymer clay whistle? Did you even know that you can do it? Well … you can! I first learned of this myself from Polymer Clay Daily (which you should be checking every morning by the way). Joan Taylor has designed this wonderful & unique project. I purchased the tutorial this week and I must say that I am anxious, nervous, & eager to try it all at the same time! Get Joan’s tutorial HERE.
  • Meg Newberg (who I have written about on many occasions) has released an absolutely fabulous ornament cane tutorial for her subscribers for December. Her subscription eZine is just $5 every month! You can NOT beat the price. Every month she send another gorgeous millefiori cane tutorial. Subscribe now and you can get this awesome tutorial too. (I should also note that this month’s tutorial includes party hat canes too). Read the review of Meg’s eZine here.
  • Polymer Clay ChrisMoose Figurine Tutorial by KatersAcresLast but not least, here’s one of my tutorials that you may have missed. This little Chris-moose tutorial is still one of my most popular sellers! Get this Chris-Moose tutorial now before it’s gone for good! Use coupon code Tute25 to save 25% too! And while you’re at it, get Santa too…

Weekly Polymer Clay Inspiration

These adorable little ornaments are made by Kimberly of “Hanging the Ornaments.” She has all kinds of adorable sculpted faces that you won’t want to miss. I love how each of them are so very different and yet so realistic. I love the little touches of fabric and raffia she’s added to make them even cuter too! Great work Kimberly! Add a cute little elf to your tree this year. Purchase her elves here on Etsy.

Want to be an artist of inspiration for the week?

Every week I choose 1-2 artists whose work has caught my eye during the week. How do you catch my eye? It’s simple … use social media. Here’s a few easy ways to catch my attention: become part of FaceBook groups I am also on, showcase your work on your FaceBook page, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, or even tag me @KatersAcres in your photos on FaceBook.

What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!



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