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Meg Newburg Polymer Clay Artist

Cane Builder eZine Subscription

Polymer Clay Canes by Meg Newberg

I have hosted Meg on my blog many times, why? Because not only is she a truly wonderful person inside and out, but I admire greatly her creativity and ingenuity when it comes to creating caned designs. Today I am offering a review of Meg’s “Cane Builder” monthly eZine subscription.

These constantly emerging, innovative canework techniques have been featured on the most prominent international polymer clay sites.  Now they will be shared exclusively with Cane Builder subscribers before they are available anywhere else!   This is a monthly, digital publication dedicated to millefiori cane building techniques.  Each issue contains tutorials, updates and variations to the tutorials sold in my etsy shop, patterns, color recipes and pallets, and canework projects.

Meg Newberg

Cane Builder Subscription Review

Quatrefoil Cane by Meg Newberg for December's Cane Builder Subscription

I have been a subscriber of Meg’s Cane Builder eZine since the very FIRST issue. In summary … I LOVE this eZine! I look forward to every issue, race to print them out, and am eager to get into my studio to try them.

Is it just for advanced caners? One of the things I love about Meg is that she takes caning (which to me is very hard) and breaks it down into simple & easy steps. I was horrible at caning (my caning still needs lots of work, but I’m getting better) and decided this year (after 6 years of working with clay) that I was going to learn how to cane. No more excuses … I just had to learn to do this for myself. After all, caning was one of the things I fell in love with first and why I jumped into polymer.

The Subscription: When Meg offered her subscription, I jumped at the chance to be a subscriber! I had purchased her gemstone cane and intricate snowflake cane several months prior and to my surprise, I didn’t do half bad! So I already knew before subscribing what to expect in Meg’s tutorials and whether or not I could follow them. If you are wondering whether or not you can follow her tutorials, go ahead and purchase one from her Etsy shop of your choice. But honestly, you don’t even have to do that … Meg’s subscription can be canceled at ANY time. But trust me when I say, as soon as you get your first tutorial, you’ll be diving to your studio (hopefully not head first) to start these awesome canes.

What You Get: For just a small fee, $5 per month, you get one full color, PDF tutorial a month. Are you kidding? These tutorials are worth at least $10 per month if not $25 per month.  AND multiple times over the year Meg has surprised us with an additional tutorial for FREE that she’s sent out … my favorite being the surprise fall canes she sent out – holy cow is this an awesome tutorial. WOW! You can purchase the same tutorial that we get in our inboxes for $10 each in her Etsy store, so for those of you who are new and want the back issues, don’t forget to get them in her store.

Don’t wait any longer, subscribe now!

Meg Newburg Polymer Clay Artist

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6 thoughts on “Meg Newberg’s “Cane Builder” eZine

  1. Subscribed in October 2015 haven’t received anything yet. please tell me how to start and receive my back issues,

    1. You’ll need to click the link and go to Meg’s site and contact her. I don’t work for her and am not a part of her business. This was simply a review of her service.

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