Artist Showcase: Ginger Davis Allman

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Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree, Artist Showcase

Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree, Artist Showcase

Ginger & KatieAs many of you know, this past summer I took a week and traveled down to the Ozarks to spend time with my friend, Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree. Ginger and I have spent the past several years getting to know each other, but really have become more acquainted over the past 6 months by realizing we have far more in common than just polymer clay … like our mutual love of fountain pens!

On Monday each of us will be telling you all about what we did, the work we accomplished, and what we learned. But today, we are each going to take the time to have a sip of coffee with you! That’s right, with you. When we got together we decided the clay world must get to see a little more of the “real us” not just the face behind the typing. So hopefully today’s video interviews will let you see a little bit more about each of us.

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July’s Featured Artist, Shannon Tabor

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July 2016 Featured Polymer Clay Artist, Shannon Tabor

It is my pleasure today to introduce you to this wonderful lady. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching alongside her at The Polymer Clay Adventure where she has taught some fabulous techniques incorporating her signature tribal and earth-like styles. Shannon’s unique style has saw literally jaw-dropping results. It’s my honor and joy to host her here today.

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Meet Teresa Pandora Salgado

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Polymer Clay Artist, Teresa "Pandora" Salgado

March 2015 Polymer Clay Cafe Magazine Cover with Teresa Pandora SalgadoIt’s my pleasure and joy today to introduce you to a polymer clay artist who is no stranger to the polymer clay community, Teresa “Pandora” Salgado. In fact we’ve had Teresa here before on the blog. [Click HERE to read Teresa’s Top Five] Teresa is a truly warm and special person. I met Teresa several years ago online through FaceBook and other online events we shared in together. Teresa is down to earth and approaches claying with a carefree attitude that is refreshing. Teresa is an accomplished artist and writes for Polymer Café Magazine, a member of the Sculpey Design Squad, has taught for 2 years at the Polymer Clay Adventure, is a teacher on and many, many more.

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Polymer Clay Artist Melissa Terlizzi

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Polymer Clay Artist, Melissa Terlizzi

It’s my pleasure and joy today to introduce you to a polymer clay artist whose work and personality I truly love and admire, Melissa Terlizzi. I found Melissa through FaceBook over a year ago and instantly fell in love with her work, especially her animal sculpts [my favorites are her frogs]. I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Melissa for jumping in and agreeing to do an interview. Without further ado … Melissa Terlizzi.

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Kim Detmers – ClaybyKim

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Boho Blue Door by Kim Detmers

Introducing Kim Detmers

Kim Detmers of ClaybyKim


I have been a fan of Kim’s for years and recently I was able to purchase a piece of hers just for myself. I love supporting other polymer artists by purchasing pieces of theirs I like or even purchasing their tutorials; after all, we’re never too old to stop learning (or collecting extraordinary art). It’s certainly my honor and privilege to have such a talented artist join me on the blog today! Kim is our featured artist for the month of June, so look for continued shout-outs to her talent on KatersAcres Twitter Feed.

Thank you Kim for being so gracious! From us to you, here’s a big welcome!

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The Blue Bottle Tree’s Ginger Davis Allman

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Every once and awhile an artist comes along that is not only super talented, but kind, sweet, wonderful, & truly one of those people who you’d want to be your best friend. Ginger is one of those people. She has broken the mold with new ideas & concepts in polymer design, technique, & I admit … fun! Today it is my honor to have her here on the blog and share a little bit about a technique she developed that I absolutely love, called “Holo Effects.” (See the review here)

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Meg Newberg’s “Cane Builder” eZine

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Meg Newburg Polymer Clay Artist

Cane Builder eZine Subscription

Polymer Clay Canes by Meg Newberg

I have hosted Meg on my blog many times, why? Because not only is she a truly wonderful person inside and out, but I admire greatly her creativity and ingenuity when it comes to creating caned designs. Today I am offering a review of Meg’s “Cane Builder” monthly eZine subscription.

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