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Every once and awhile an artist comes along that is not only super talented, but kind, sweet, wonderful, & truly one of those people who you’d want to be your best friend. Ginger is one of those people. She has broken the mold with new ideas & concepts in polymer design, technique, & I admit … fun! Today it is my honor to have her here on the blog and share a little bit about a technique she developed that I absolutely love, called “Holo Effects.” (See the review here)

Meet Ginger Davis Allman

Ginger Davis Allman of the Blue Bottle TreeWell the short answer is that I’m wife to Gary, mother to Alek, Katie, and Lanie, and owner to four cats. But that doesn’t really say much about who I am, does it? From the time I was a little girl, I loved color and all the visual delights the world has to offer. I wanted to go to art school just so I could play with the paints and art supplies! But I was also drawn to information and I had an insatiable need to know WHY and HOW things worked. This led to a career in microbiology, which I utterly loved. But life being what it is, I found myself home raising my kids and that led to an absolute obsession with polymer clay. I learned everything I could, tried every technique, and covered everything in the house with colorful clay patterns. I also had other craft obsessions, too. I’m a couture level seamstress and have never met a knitting pattern that scared me. But I always come back to polymer clay. I love its versatility and that it can be very simple or incredibly complex, depending on the project.

When I’m not working with clay, I love to hike and backpack. Did I mention my obsession with botany and photography? Oh yes, I can’t be out in the woods without naming (in Latin) and photographing all the plant life. I drive my husband nuts. I also work alongside my husband as a web and business consultant. I guess I stay pretty busy!

About The Blue Bottle Tree

Even though I have worked with polymer clay since 2001, I only started my website, The Blue Bottle Tree, in 2012. The name comes from the two cobalt blue bottle trees in my back yard. I started the website as a way of exploring creativity in my life, but my polymer clay obsession sort of took over. I started writing about polymer clay techniques and doing studies and reviews of products. I now spend my time learning and writing about products and techniques, sharing information, and writing polymer clay tutorials.

Why Is The Blue Bottle Tree Unique?

I love to know why and how things work, so my tutorials are very clear and include lots of tips that explain how to create the project, but also why I use the techniques that I do. My photography skill means that my tutorials are illustrated with very clear photographs for each step. It’s important to me that each reader truly understands the process and learns techniques that will become tools they will use to create art in their own voice.

I also work hard to give great support to customers and readers alike. Creating is a joy and it’s my job and calling to enable people to find their own joy in creating with this wonderful medium.

What Are My Favorite Items In My Store?

My Etsy shop sells four tutorials and an informational primer (that Katie reviewed here). There are also items that I’ve created with the tutorials that you see as examples or you can purchase to use in your own creations. It’s really hard to pick favorites because I enjoy working with all of the different techniques at different times.

What Is My Favorite Tutorial In My Store?

Holo Effect Hearts by Ginger Davis AllmanRight now my favorite technique is the Holo Effect. It creates a shimmery, color shifting effect that you can use in your polymer clay creations. It’s a bit like a faux dichroic glass in that the color changes as the light shifts. It’s all explained in the Holo Effect Tutorial. Right now, because of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been using the Holo Effect to create Holo Hearts. I explain how to make them in a special bonus project ebook that is included free with every purchase of the Holo Effect Tutorial through February 14th.

Where To Find The Blue Bottle Tree

Website * Store * FaceBook * Twitter * Pinterest * Flickr

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Would You Like To Be the Featured Artist for the Month?

Painter Parker© by KatersAcresAre you are a polymer clay artist? Would you like to be the featured artist for the month? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, please go HERE and answer the questionnaire and email your responses to me. Artists are subject to approval and are featured on a first come, first serve basis.


7 thoughts on “The Blue Bottle Tree’s Ginger Davis Allman

  1. Ginger is such a wonderful artist and person, I’m so glad you featured her here on your blog Katie! 🙂

  2. Great feature. I have three of Ginger’s tutorials and they are some of the best I’ve seen. I collect art and craft technique books and tutorials, so I’ve seen a lot. Unlike some tutorials where I have to physically work through the steps to understand what’s going to happen or how, I can instantly “see” the project coming together while I read through Ginger’s. And her inviting personality comes shining through in everything she writes, from her blog to her FB posts.

    1. I agree! Very well said Tammy!

  3. Lovely article and so “Spot On!” Thank you for spotlighting Ginger. She is a very talented and inspirational artist and I think your intro of her was so well done.

    Love your posts and am so very grateful you share all that you do.

    Thank you

  4. Thank you so much, Katie. I am honored to be featured!

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