WIP Wednesday: Halloween Preparation

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WIP Wednesday in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio | Prepping for fall & Halloween

WIP Wednesday

Well … another week has come and gone. Everyone in our area is back to school and it’s become a little more “crazy” with everything that needs to get done before fall arrives. I don’t know about where you live, but here in NW PA, it’s been unseasonably cool this summer. We only topped 85 degrees twice this year. This is great for me. I’ve never been one for summer anyway. I’ve been a little busy getting ready for a big craft show I have coming up in October, as well as a few special surprises! This being said, let’s get on with WIP Wednesday … shall we?!

WIP – Work In Progress

  • Halloween Preparedness: Halloween is fast approaching (Eek!) and my Halloween designs for the season are now available in my Etsy shop.
  • Baking Shaped Beads: One of the things people get confused about in my studio classes is how to bake beads that have shape & movement. I’m not sure how you do it, but for me I put the beads in a container (empty kitten food container) filled with cornstarch. This will allow them to bake without losing their shape.
  • Fall Necklace: I made myself this lovely fall necklace yesterday. By the time I sat & made the 3 canes, reduced them, put them in the fridge to rest (cheater version), and assembled this necklace, 6 hours had gone by. WHEW! If you like this necklace, I wrote a mini-tutorial here.
  • Here’s Katie! Yep that’s me. Here’s a little known secret … my hubby and I often work apart from each other. When we miss each other, we send each other selfies. This was my B&W selfie from earlier this week while I worked in my studio. Yes, I am missing my glasses … where did I put those anyway?
  • One batch ready to be baked: Flower Gift Tag, Teardrop Pendant, & 2 pens all of which are from scraps. Plus my fall leaf focal.
  • Scrap Necklaces: Let’s not forget that scraps don’t have to be ugly & they don’t have to be nice. But it IS your responsibility to turn them into something awesome. The two necklaces above were made with scraps from canes I made several weeks ago.

Scraps = Infinite Possibilities

Weekly Tidbits & Fun:

  • I have 3 big announcements that are coming soon.
    • The first has been revealed on my FaceBook page this week
    • The second one will be revealed next FRIDAY and it includes a major polymer clay artist!
    • The third & final one will be revealed at a later time (yet to be determined).
  • Yesterday was National Dog Day! Did you know that existed? *Sigh* Me neither … but here’s a picture of my beloved pooch, Daisy Louise Oskin.
  • We saw some gorgeous hot air balloons land on one of our drives home this past week. WOW! It was so cool.
  • Dinner tonight will be on the grill … provided that my hubby gets home at a decent hour. On the menu: chopped sirloin & oodles of garden veggies.

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Want to be an artist of inspiration for the week?

Every week I choose 1-2 artists whose work has caught my eye during the week. How do you catch my eye? It’s simple … use social media.  Here’s a few easy ways to catch my attention: become part of FB groups I am also on, showcase your work on your polymer clay pages, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, tag me @KatersAcres in your photos on FaceBook.

What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Halloween Preparation

  1. Dearest Katie- I am absolutely thrilled you have found inspiration in the “Nature on the Surface of the Water” piece. Bless you! It really was quite the undertaking but I hope that I will continue to inspire you and others as I work in this wonderful medium of polymer clay. Hugs to you! 🙂

    1. It’s ALWAYS an honor to share & view your work Laura. I can’t imagine the hours invested in that piece. Stunning.

  2. I love everything you create and do for others. You are a true inspiration. Kimmie xo

    1. Thanks so much Kimmie! You & I both have an affinity for the cute & cuddly … and I just COULDN’T resist your yummy colors this week.

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