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Gina Griffith is filled with talent and creates unique one -of-a-kind pieces. It’s my honor and joy to share her work and her love of working with polymer clay to each of you today.

About Gina Griffith:

My name is Gina Griffith. I’m a mom to two daughters and a son. As long as I can remember I’ve had a very active imagination. As a child, I had adventures in the wooded area across from my home while safe and sound in my bed many many nights.  I love to read. I’m a fan of Science Fiction / Fantasy, but love anything from Stephen King, and also the nonfiction writings from travel writer Bill Bryson. So basically I will read anything and everything, given the chance.  I’m a homebody by nature and quite introverted. However, I’ve developed so many amazing friendships with fellow artists and art collectors through the virtual world that I’m so grateful for.

What’s the History of Your Art & How You Got Where You Are Today?

I was introduced to collectible art dolls over 20 years by my son’s Grandmother.  She collected ART dolls and subscribed to magazines such as Doll Reader and Contemporary Art Doll Collector. I always thought doll collectors only had had an interest in china baby dolls. I was so wrong! Artists were sculpting amazing fantasy dolls out of polymer clay that was so incredibly lifelike and just gorgeous. I was hooked then and there.

This was well before Facebook and Instagram and virtual tutorials. I learned from reading articles and of course, trial and error. I made several dolls for my son’s Grandmother, and then put the hobby to rest after my son started school and I started working. Many years later I was now working 10+ hours a day as a retail Manager. I was burnt out and desperate for an outlet.I’ve always been very open about my struggles with depression and anxiety and this became a creative medicine of sorts. I found the book by Christi Friessen ‘Steampunkery’ on the shelves of a local craft store. I was in love and hooked! Her ghoulies were my first project. My first was burned quite badly ( my toaster oven needed to be set at bake instead of broiled!)  But I kept trying and experimenting until I developed my own characters and my own style.  I’m a fan of unusual and adorable and my work tends to be a mix of both. I’m excited to be trying new techniques such as finishing with chalks and pastels, working with both UV and epoxy resin. I’m really fond of dioramas and shadow box art and hope to make more in the future.

What Makes Your Art Unique?

Well simply put, we are who we are. My head is filled to the brim with my world of invented characters and stories. In that sense, I’m not different yet I am. We are made up of personal experiences, ideas, and imaginings that can only be unique to us. This is what will forever differ us from any other artist. We leave a stamp of complete individuality. No matter our inspirations. I’m forever trying to push myself and to grow and evolve. I started out with translucent clay monsters and now am painting cactuses and creating tea bag characters 

Where is Your Art Created?

My studio is a half bedroom and also home to my elderly best friend Bella, my cat.  I’ve got several desks and pots of paintbrushes and TOOLS, shelving and loads of creative chaos. I overlook treetops and bright sunlight is aplenty through the window my main desk sits in front of. 

What is Your Favorite Thing To Do with Polymer Clay?

I love creating fantasy characters. Not the delicate beauty of faeries and mermaids, but little chubby big cheeked trolls, stars,  tea bags, or food items.  I don’t think my clunky clumsy fingers could manage intricate canes and jewelry.

What’s Your Process Like? Tell Us About It.

It all starts with a simple thought of something that sparks joy, story, and adventure.  My process is always an internal book being written as I go. Instead of a typewriter,  my fingers fly over clay.  My story begins and I kind of just allow it to lead me. Will there be a friend? What kind of adventure? I really turn it over to the piece and feel like I’m here to help.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Piece

These were my first steampunk ‘Beasties’. A mix of translucent Premo and glow in the dark. I used amber glass beads for eyes. They were becoming to find so I started making my own eyes out of polymer and UV resin. Originally I had intended to create only these little steampunk tinkerers.  But I just couldn’t resist trying new things, getting to know new characters.

My first ever scene that was sculpted in polymer but fully painted. A fantasy garden scene. It started with one flower and then there was another character , then mushrooms . It turned out to be storytime. 

This was my first commission piece sculpted with several requested items to describe the person it was made for. An artist, a reiki practitioner.  Lots of fun, special details. I loved creating such detailed items within this magical world.  I called it the Library. More of a nursery for cute newborn books. This is one of my teabag cups, my latest adventures. I’m learning how to work with resin.

This was one of my newest. A cactus and friend.  An unlikely duo. Friends can be different than each other and that just makes it more fun.

My all-time favorite ‘Dark Corners of the Nursery’ my take and twist on the monster under the bed. The child is actually a wee monster himself. And what if the creature under the bed was merely misunderstood??? 

Who is Your Polymer Clay Idol?

Tom Taggart has such a unique quirky style I’m drawn to. He’s famous for his skulls and now bookshelf monsters. He’s kind of taken me under his wing and is responsible for pushing me to create more and start selling. I love Elisabetta Visentini. Her super-expressive eggs first drew me in, and iI loved watching her style change and grow.  She can do cute like no other, but her darker and more horror-themed pieces are equally amazing!

Where to Find Gina Griffith:

FaceBook * Instagram * Shop Her Store Now

I can always be reached through any of my social media sites. Please come say hello, and have some fun!  I love posting work in process photos and will be taking commissions again once we make it through the worst of this pandemic. Remember to create, to share. People need these points of light amongst the darkness and uncertainty. 

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Thanks for joining me today,

Until next time, Happy Claying my friends!


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  1. Wow, what talent! The ideas you come up with are like being in a dream but I’m awake. I love the one one you came up with for the steam punk. It’s so relaxing to hear that it started with a flower and then grew into what it was going to be.
    I’m so bad at drawing something out and then trying to figure out how I’m going to make it. I like your way much better. I’m going to try that once my studio gets put together. Just moved, getting divorced. Happy for the first time in year’s. I enjoyed reading your answers, they were so down to earth, but what you make is magical!

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