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Shulamit from ShuliDesigns | Polymer Clay Artist

Meet Shulamit from ShuliDesigns

Shulamit from ShuliDesigns | Polymer Clay Artist

Every month I like to introduce my readers to a new polymer artist. This month is no exception. Today I’m excited to introduce you to Shulamit of ShuliDesigns. Shuli is a member of the PCETeam on Etsy and has gorgeous designs. Thanks for joining us today Shuli!

Meet Shulamit Raanan

Shulamit from ShuliDesigns | Polymer Clay ArtistMy name is Shulamit Raanan.  I live in Timrat, a small community in the lower Galilee, Israel, with my husband and three wonderful kids.  I create in the fields of painting, ceramics, paper works and graphic design.  In the last few years I am fascinated with Polymer clay’s endless options of combining colors, shapes, designs and products, using mainly the Millefiori technique that combines various surface textures.  I am considered a polymer clay addict. I teach Art and Technology.  I have a B.Ed. degree in Technology, Drama and Art and a Master’s degree in Humanities.

The History of ShuliDesigns

Spring Flower Necklace by ShuliDesignsI opened an Etsy virtual shop almost two years ago. In the beginning I had very few designs, I slowly added new designs and new sections to my shop like wall décor, HAMSAs, kids classic toys like spinning tops and so on. As publicity grew, I learned the market and customers’ requirements which led to new original designs. In the past year I began to deal with satisfied returning customers, which encourages me to go on with my new ideas and way of working.

What Makes ShuliDesigns Unique

Fish Wall Hanging by ShuliDesignsPolymer clay allows endless colors, shapes and design combinations and that’s  what fascinates me. There are many beautiful polymer clay shops on Etsy, but still you can recognize a shop unique line in its colorful features, technique, designs or style. My shop is unique in its complex color combination, accuracy, using family of colors and originality.

Shuli’s Favorite Items

Colorful Lentil Beads by ShuliDesignsMy favorite item to make is my colorful lentil beads. These beads are very difficult to produce, they combine a lot of colors, they are very accurate and fine. The additional silver and gold touch makes it very elegant. I think these beads reflects my character in a way, as I am optimistic, vibrant perfectionist and colorful.

Featured Item

Love Birds by ShuliDesignsA good friend of mine got married and I was looking for an original wedding gift. We both love birds and I was thinking to create a polymer clay gift with a pair. I began to sketch some samples which led me after many experiments to a couple of birds facing each other in a positive/negative design which combines texture surfaces with a complex Millefiori pattern and metallic charms. It was a huge success, my friend loved the gift which was followed by a product line of love birds with new colors, patterns and textures. The love birds became a great gift for couples, lovers and wedding gift in Israel and abroad.

Custom Order Information

Hamsa from ShuliDesignsI do get custom orders. I have an open dialog with the customer in which  we discuss the requirement and general ideas. I usually create a few prototypes and send photos to the customer review. If it goes well, I make special listing and reserve it.

*Special Offer*

Spinning Tops / Dreidels by ShuliDesignsI created a welcome coupon for new customers. You are all invited to use this 10% discount  coupon WELCOME before checking out. The coupon will be available till April 25th.

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Would You Like To Be the Featured Artist for the Month?

Painter Parker© by KatersAcresAre you are a polymer clay artist? Would you like to be the featured artist for the month? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, please go HERE and answer the questionnaire and email your responses to me. Artists are subject to approval and are featured on a first come, first serve basis.

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  1. Very interesting interview! Shulamit, your designs are so beautiful and unique!! I love them <3

  2. Thank you so much Katie!!!
    I am very excited about the interview you published.
    It’s a great honor to be a part in your professional blog.
    I wish you lots of success with lovely designs.

    Best regards,

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