October Featured Artist: Tammy Pryce

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Polymer Clay Artist, Tammy Pryce

Meet Featured Artist Tammy Pryce

It is my honor to introduce you to a fantastic polymer artist, Tammy Pryce. Tammy excels at making gorgeous fantasy dragons that are so wonderfully sculpted they could be real!

Tell Us About Yourself

I have been a professional artist now for about 12 years.  I started doing arts and crafts with my Grandmother when I was young. Then I worked for Fenton Art Glass Company. While there, I hand painted on all kinds of glass ware such as baskets, lamps, and figures.  Then I went to the corporate world only to find out it was not for me.  After that I discovered I also had a talent for drawing, and most recently sculpting!  I fell in love with Polymer clay about a year and a half ago!  I simply love this medium because of the limitless possibilities with it.  The textures you and make, being able to paint it, all these things make it unlike any other medium.

What’s the History of Your Etsy Store?

I started off my shop just selling my fantasy art until I discovered Polymer clay.  I made journals with clay, bottles, and little creatures I tried all sorts of projects.   After about 6 moths of playing and creating with the clay the first “Sad Little Dragon” came to life.  Since then they have really taken off and I’ve been doing dragons almost exclusively, although on occasion I still make journals and of course my other art (drawings, paintings).

What Makes Your Etsy Store Unique?

There are several other shops that sell dragons, they are nothing new, however every single artist has their own style, method in creating their dragons which make them all so different from everyone else’s. I think another key is to find your own little niche’.   Mine are sad, droopy and cute… nobody else that I know of makes their dragons sad, I also paint mine which really gives them a different look, not to mention the fact that I put them on book/boxes and chest making them a functional item on top of something cute to look at.

Tell Us About Your Process

One of the things I take great pride in is the fact that I don’t use any molds and make each dragon by hand.  A lot of times I mix my own colors as well, I don’t use them straight from the package too often.  Because I do that, I use up all my scraps!  For example, I mixed some left over blues into making the next dragon.  So each one while similar in color isn’t exactly the same. I am always trying different things.  I used to make them all one color and now I try different color combinations. My goal is to constantly keep evolving them and making them better, it doesn’t happen overnight and new ideas sometimes come slow.

What Are Your Favorite Items in Your Shop?

I think some of my favorite dragons are the ones I make for those rare items that I sometimes find in antique shops!  I’ve done a few clocks, a music box, and a jewelry chest.  These are extra special to me because I know I will never make another like it!

Tell Us About This Item…

This particular chest always seems to be a favorite not to mention the purple dragon!  For some reason purple dragons are the most popular!  I make purple more than any other color and I cannot seem to make enough of them.

Do You Take Custom Orders?

I am making custom orders every week!  There are so many combinations between colors along with different the chest and books.  The options are unlimited!  I am always happy to make something special for someone.


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