Polymer Clay Bird Tutorials: The Friesen Project Revisited

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Fancy Bird Tutorial by KatersAcres | For Polymer Clay, Sugar Paste, Gum Paste, Modeling Clay, & Much More

Polymer Clay Bird Tutorials REVISITED! Since we are in the Mixed Media Book, I got a request from several of you asking if we could “please, oh please” make birds again. In the case of a couple of those requests, it was because you took time off from the Friesen Project this summer. For others of you it was because you just love birds that much. In either case, we’re going to be doing birds again this week! So break out the clay, it’s time for a bird tutorials.

Friesen Project - Birds | Artists Grassel, Sanderse, Kariotis, & Oskin
Fancy Birds by Laurie Grassel, Rian Sanderse, Imari Kariotis, & Katie Oskin


For detailed instructions on how to make this project, please purchase Christi’s book “Polymer Clay & Mixed Media Together at Last” and look on pages 66-73 for full project “Winging It” details & instructions.

Project Participants “Birds” Showcase

Friesen Project Blob Birds | Artists Grassel, Winters, Friesen, Vyselaar, Wareing, Oskin, Dienstber, Wright, Cederquist
Artists Laurie Grassel, Shannon Winters, Christi Friesen, Laurie Vyselaar, Christi Wareing, Katie Oskin, Jan Dienstber, Kristine Wright, Vicki Cederquist

Get the Lil’ Blob Birds Tutorial Here

This tutorial was obviously one of the more popular tutorials of ALL the bird tutorials we did for the Friesen Project.

Peacocks by Kristen Wright, Rian Sanderse, & Laurie Grassel
Peacocks by Kristen Wright, Rian Sanderse, & Laurie Grassel

Get the Peacock Tutorial Here

Friesen Project Phoenix' | Grassel, Winters, Schneider, & Crisman
Fiery Phoenix | Artists Laurie Grassel, Shannon Winters, Patty Schneider, & Melody Crisman

Get the NEW Mixed Media Phoenix Canvas Tutorial

The Friesen Project

The Friesen Project is done in conjunction with Christi Friesen. All tutorials are retaught here with her expressed permission. Please make sure to read about the project here, and get answers to the most common FAQS here.

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2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Bird Tutorials: The Friesen Project Revisited

  1. Thank you for featuring my hummingbird. I really enjoy working with clay and have loved the projects so far.

    1. Always a pleasure to have you Imari!

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