Christi Friesen’s Book 3 Under the Sea Book Review

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Friesen Fridays - Book 3 Under the Sea Review

 YAY! It’s Friesen Friday and in honor of that … it’s party time! Not just any party mind you … an underwater, under the sea party!

Polymer Clay Princess, Christi FriesenAs with every Friday, we’re about to talk about Christi Friesen again … I wonder if after 52 weeks she’s going to get tired of us talking about her every week.  Maybe she’ll stop by and let us know how she feels about this.

I’m really excited about this month.  Why? Because I absolutely LOVE this book and every single project in it.  Of course, I love the ocean, sea, and everything in it … especially when it’s for dinner.  Mmmm!

I’ve received some emails lately from several people in the group that feel that they are not “qualified” to work with polymer clay.  Qualified, what do you mean, you’re not qualified?  All you MUST have to do these projects are a hunk of polymer clay, your hands, & Christi’s Book.  Please remember that the ideas, exploration, and tutorials behind the Friesen Project are to get you out of your current element!  It’s to get YOU claying again.  Maybe you’ll learn a new technique or find something you really love!

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you have not yet signed up to receive the polymer clay & Friesen Project emails, please do so now.  This will ensure that no matter what you are doing, you never miss anything! Now let’s go diving … UNDER THE SEA!

First Friday Reminder:

As usual, the First Friesen Friday of every month is a book review. I will do a brief synopsis and overview of the book we are going to be tackling for the month.  I’ll give you my thoughts, things I noticed, and what excites me about begin a series of projects.  I will also give you the list of projects that we will cover during the month, the homework you will need to do for the following week, the supplies that you will need to gather, and offer something special.  This month, some of you have asked for approximate time estimates on the projects … please understand that each of us work at different speeds and for me to accurately measure the amount of time you will spend is next to impossible.  This being said, I have listed what I feel are average time estimates for each project.

Book 3: Under the Sea

What You Will Notice:

Polymer Clay Book Under the Sea by Christi Friesen - Projects, Review, & Giveaway on KatersAcres Blog https://katersacres.comI love the water, the ocean, the sea, ponds, lakes, streams, you name it … if it involves water, I LOVE it.  It’s probably that love for water that makes me love this book so very much.  I have an appreciation for anyone who is funny … which we all know Christi is.  Why? Well … mostly because I’m NOT funny, but I try to be.

Just like the last book, Jungle, this book features many different creature … but this time they are from the ocean! There’s sea creatures, oceanic objects, and things that make you go OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!  We will not be having tutorials/mini-tutorials on everything in this book, just like last month.  (Let’s be honest, that’s why you have the book)… However, we will be having tutorials on many of the projects contained in the Under the Sea book.

We will be doing all the sculptures in the book first and finish with the culmination of everything we have learned: an oceanistic-seafestacular picturesque wall hanging.

Don’t have the book yet?  Remember that I do not cover the projects in the minute details the way that Christi does.  So make doubly sure that you buy the book here.

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Projects We Will Cover This Month:

March 8th – DUDE! It’s a TURTLE!

Average Project Time for 1 Turtle: 30 Minutes

Happy Turtle by KatersAcres Inspired by Christi FriesenOh yeah … turtles, turtles, turtles.  Let me forewarn you, since I make these projects ahead of time, I have made at least a dozen turtles and I’m still making more.  There’s just something about a turtle that is awesome, cute, fun, and well … like the dragons from Book 1 (yes, I’m still making them, how about you?) … the turtles are more than slightly addicting.

March 15th – Star Fishes & Sea Horses

Average Project Time for 1 Star Fish & 1 Sea Horse: 1 Hour

Christi Friesen Style Polymer Clay Starfish & Seahorse Tutorials on KatersAcres Polymer Clay BlogOh the addiction!!!! I can’t tell you how many oceanic creatures I made this past month getting ready for all the tutorials. But let me tell you, if I create many more, my studio is going to turn into an ocean and I’ll have to bob to keep my head above water … or something like that.

March 22nd – Fish, fishies, fishettes, and fishes

Average Project Time for 1 Fish: 30 Minutes

Polymer Clay Fish Tutorial on Kater's Acres Clay BlogOH THE JOY! There are a million things you can do to make a fish and each one just gets cuter than the one before it! You are going to love the adventure that this book will take you on as you explore the water’s splendor and magnificence.

March 29th – Oceanic Sculpture / Journal

Average Project Time for Wall Sculpture: 4 Hours

Wall Sculpture by Christi Friesen
Wall Sculpture by Christi Friesen

Now you are going to take all those fabulous creatures and find a way to turn them into a wall masterpiece (or journal cover) using the techniques that Christi’s very carefully explains in her book.


Needing something else to work on in the meantime?  Download Christi’s free Puffer Fish Beads project and wear an ocean creature on your neck.

Homework for Next Week:


Do NOT try to make ANYTHING until you have read the ENTIRE BOOK!  (Not just looking at the pictures … read it, please?!)

Read it inside out, upside down, top to bottom, right to left (because left to right is how normal people do it), under water, in an igloo, up a tree, or in a swimming pool … I don’t care how you do it, but read it all please.  Allow yourself to enjoy this time.  Actually reading the book will give you ideas of your own, inspire you to go beyond to book (which is what the book’s intention is), and create your own spectacular designs.  I guarantee that this book is so much fun you will be wanting to work ahead. While this is okay, I ask you to remember that this group contains people who are brand new to clay, never clayed before, are beginners and even experts.  We are all different and we all work differently, please respect that. Now, go on and gather all your supplies for next week.  You might have to run to the store, so take a list with you … or you can shop online!

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Supplies You’ll Need This Month:

Everything you will need is available online if you can not purchase your supplies locally.  I have linked everything to Amazon as it ships worldwide and I am an affiliate.

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The Friesen Project

The Friesen Project is done in conjunction with Christi Friesen. All tutorials are retaught here with her expressed permission. Please make sure to read about the project here, and get answers to the most common FAQS here.


Happy Claying,


4 thoughts on “Christi Friesen’s Book 3 Under the Sea Book Review

  1. This one, with the Dragons, are my favorite books too 🙂 I had to skip the “Jungle” due to lack of time but am ready for this one!

    I agree with Katie about “not being qualified” and have NO idea why people shouldn’t be qualified to work with polymer clay? It is all about having fun with the clay, inspired by Christi, and make pretty things. Imho everyone can do that?

    Not signing up for the give-away since I have this book already but I’ll do that for the next one… Off to read my ‘Oceanic Literature’ by Christi 😀

  2. I must be a VERY slow clayer, lol. I might be able to do these projects that fast if I made tons of em. But I have to smush and resmush a million times till it’s just right. But that’s me, I bet.

    SO looking forward to these projects but I’ve still got a frog to do……

  3. What is my greatest frustration with polymer clay ….. getting what is in my head out through my hands and make into polymer. I am working on sculpting and find that realistic sculpting is the most difficult for me.

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