Finding Your Routine is Essential to the Creative Process

Posted on April 27, 2017 in Hints, Tips, & Tricks by Katie Oskin

Finding Your Routing is Essential

Finding Your Routine to Enhance Your Creativity by KatersAcres

Finding your routine is an essential part of being an artist. It is not something that many of us even think about. A routine can help us settle in. Routine can help us to automatically perceive things about our environment. Today, over on the Sculpey blog I am discussing finding your routine. Why? Because find your routine is one way that will help you in your creative process.

Finding Your Routine

Finding Your Routine to Enhance Your Creativity by KatersAcresNot everyone has a creative routing and that’s okay. Many people go without a creative routine and are very successful artists. If you’ve found yourself in a creative ditch recently, it may be time for a restart. Having the same routine every day can be boring. I know this. However, I also know that having a routine can send certain triggers to your brain. Routines are recommended by doctors and mental health professionals for a variety of reasons because they are proven to work. I bet you (my loyal readers) wouldn’t be surprised to find out that my creative routine includes coffee, would you? Join my over on the Sculpey blog to see what else my creative routine includes!


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